…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menogmatic [men-ogg-matt-'ic]; the condition of knowing which side your bread is buttered.

Close watchers may have noticed a slightly ethereal, perhaps enigmatic, influence creeping in here from time to time. 

Yesterday certainly touched upon something I have previously not shared.  With anyone.  As we go along together though, Dear Reader, it is important that you have a full grasp of what your author is on about.  That means being reasonably informed on background and causations.

This is not a blog in which to be 'heavy'.  That one will eventually arrive.  For now though the aim is to let off a bit of steam and provide some light, if somewhat puzzling, relief.  Coming into the end of the first month of MT:MMM(akaDOWY), I do hope that I have succeeded in some small measure towards this goal.

(Cripes, it took nearly as long to type the acronym as the full name.  I had to spell it out y'see… doesn't that last bit look suspiciously like "Dory".  I'm intimately acquainted with Dory.  Well.  I'm intimately acquainted with her affliction.)

However, this weekend is a time to be a bit more introspective  (ah that was the word I was looking for earlier), for it is, of course, Easter.

Many of my readers may not be all that up on matters spiritual.  That's okay.  But if you're sticking with me you will occasionally have to bear with my need to express appreciation to the Lord.  It is after all an integral part of Wild YAM.  She is who she is because of spirit.  There's a long and intricate history involved in this and it is certainly not for this forum.  You should know, however, that I am one of those 'sensitive ones '.  Always been a bit… hmm, the Scottish word is 'fey'.  Sixth sense-ish.  Mostly I don't go around announcing that.

So why do it now you crazy woman?

It had occurred to me after yesterday's post that a few of the regular passers-by might be getting a tad confused as to where my 'loyalties' lie, viz-à-vis  stated matters.

Yes, I am in India studying Vedanta (Hindu philosophy) with view to taking up mission.  Why?  Because Jesus told me to.

WHOAH!  Settle down.  They've let me stay here so that testifies to my sanity.  Mind you, I didn't tell them about that last bit…

YAM! Kya? What has this to do with  being menogmatic?  Ah right, you're wondering what's the point of all this rant and rave?  That's easy.

If you're not inclined to profess faith - don't worry, I still love you and you're visits here are warmly welcomed.

If you're of the Judeo-Christian background, then please be comfortable in the fact that I hold the Lord Jesus Christ in the centre of my heart.

If you are of the Indian tradition, mera ishta devata Sri Ramachandra-ji hai.

These are not mutually exclusive.  Indeed, I have never felt more spiritually balanced than I do holding the best of both worlds in my faith and practice.  Explanations of the whys and wherefores will have to await the Capstone Blog.

Meanwhile, I am ensuring that I will be able to obtain food wherever I travel.

Buttered bread or paratha.  Either will do.


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