…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menopolynarian [men-oh-polly-nary-un]; the condition of juggling

Nothing in particular.  Just juggling. 

I was, until menosoup took a strong and determined grip of things, an adept and efficient multi-tasker.  Everything was being done in its time and at all times things were done.  Seamlessly.

Then a minor slip here and there.  Like the appointments fiascos mentioned prior (see Menoical).  Small stuff and easily accounted for at first.  It was not long though, before each thing that had to be dealt with felt like it was a major weight.  Keeping even three weights in the air, never mind four or five, became a serious task.  I started to look like the headless chook, running around not sure which time what was when.  Thus it was clear I had become a juggling act.  Shifting one thing in order to hold another.

I kept that up pretty much until I left Sydney.

In Sandeepany, I thought, there's a single focus.  All things are one thing.  Shanti.

Oh, Dear Reader, you must be told, Heaven is just the world in an idyllic setting.  One even faces things that had been entirely avoided in the first 53 years of dealing with the world.  That's fine.  It tests one's dedication and practice-as-preached techniques.

Currently am 12 deep in assignments due.  Deadlines are elastic, so this is heavy weight number one in the air.

There's a one on one interview coming up with Acharya-ji in which one is supposed to have prepared some high-thinking, purposeful questions for him to answer.  I got nothing. Yet.  Heavy weight number two.

Yesterday, there was a sneak peek at what our major submission is to be (the word 'dissertation' was avoided - they don't want a mass meltdown).  Personally, I am looking forward to tackling the exegesis of Truth, Knowledge and Eternity… "God defined is God defiled" said Gurudev, but we are all to have a jolly good go at it just the same.  Heavy weight number three.

Somewhere amongst all that Wild YAM had the, (admittedly meno-affected and therefore insane), inspiration to go blogging.   Hmmm - maybe there's lots in particular after all.

Oh yes.  Menopolynarianism is a useful talent.


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