…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menodicinal [men-oh-diss-in-ul]; the condition of requiring treatment.

There I was only yesterday blethering about being needed and what happens?

Aitch chatterboxes, "I'm sick… woke up with stuffed nose and cough."

It works like some kind of password for the sleeper spy, such a comment.  YAMedic arises like the phoenix and goes first into investigative, then instructive mode.  With available information, it is considered to be your common cold viral variant (see next week's menoloop for a rant on terminology). 

What did I tell Aitch?  Well, I gave her my Aussie Elixir Recipe.  I have successfully used this for some 10 years as a preventative and reliever in the event of succumbing to viral infection.  Even here in India, having been surprised by a cold shortly after my arrival, I organised to have the ingredients on hand and have since beaten off two other such infections with minimal discomforts.

In a medium (2-cup/1 mug) tea pot, put -

1 clove of garlic - pressed with a knife to open it up - you can crush it, but it may become overpowering.
1 teaspoon of dried ginger.
1 teaspoon of honey  - preferably organic and, if you can afford it, Manuka (from NZ)
Juice, pulp and zest of a small/medium lemon
Pour boiling water over and allow to macerate for 3-5 minutes... or more.

Use strainer - pouring a mugful and adding a little more honey according to your taste.  Take this as often as you like!  The garlic and lemon will be good for a second go round, you just need to add the ginger and honey again.

(yes you can use bottled lemon if nothing else avail - but not as good)
(no, the garlic will not smell on you)
(I have been known to add black peppercorns to the pot if chesty symptoms are showing up.)

                                                    ~~~~                                  ~~~~                                    ~~~~

Now for those who have no objection to such things, there is the Scottish Elixir Recipe.    This is a medicinal prescription of the alternative kind and should be treated with respect.  It comes with the following alert…

NB - may cause drowsiness. Not to be taken if in charge of machinery (that includes the iron you, yes you), knitting needles, animals*, children**, or in proximity of naked flame.

In a medium (2 cup/1 mug) tea pot, put -
2 teaspoons of honey - preferably organic and, if you can afford it, Manuka (from NZ).
Juice, pulp and zest of a small lime
Teaspoon of dried ginger - or if not available, a tablespoon of Stone's Green Ginger wine will do...
2 drams of single malt scotch whisky - 
                                    (Blended whiskies should be avoided here as there is risk of iatric combustion.)
Pour boiling water over and allow to macerate for 3-5 minutes...Less in absolute emergency.

Clearly the first recipe will suit the vegetarian, tee-totalling socially-aware individual on limited income.  The second is not for the pauper or the irresponsible.

  *   they may grab the opportunity for unruliness - or grab you
**   ditto.

Stay strong.  Stay well.  Stay sober.


  1. Poor Yamani. Get well soon.

    Thanks for the variant on the old lemon and ginger. I'm familiar with the whisky version, but not the garlic. :-)

  2. I am thinking of getting sick just to try this out. HOnestly, the garlic remedy sounds delicious!


  3. Hari OM
    Pearlie - don't wait till then -- this is a preventative too!! &>

  4. OMD, I finally founded your blog...WOOOOHOOOOOO! I nevers could get to it and had been tryin to thank you fur leavin' such funny comments, you is a hoot.

    Okays, I sorry you gotted sick but at least you has supplies to get betters. Here, we have no ingredients fur ANYTHING! Heck, we not EVEN has flour in our house...hehehe...or sugar.


  5. Hari OM
    PUDDLES! Yooz are welcome at YAM-aunty's place. It is a plezure to know you can navigates the interwebs nearly as well as the local streetzez.... just kidding. Am delighted and hope you'll visit again soon.

    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty


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