…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoxcited [men-ox-sighted]; the condition of growing anticipation

Emm rang. 

Well.  No. She didn't 'ring' exactly.  These days one does the equivalent.  Emm emailed.  Just a couple of days ago.

Before proceeding you need to know that Emm is a planner.  A wee tad obsessive perhaps, but no doubt about her, she pays attention to detail.  Perfection takes its toll but certainly yields its rewards.  Emm is the sort of person the 1980's loved.  I can just see her in her power-dressing, door-damaging shoulder padded chenille nip-and-tuck-waist dress, in Super Cerise shade with lemon trims.  (...Please Emm, tell me there is no such item in your wardrobe!)  That's the thing you see.  Possibility is there that a dress of this kind has been stored in case fashion turns.

I love this about Emm.  You only have to mention something - briefly - entirely in passing -  and have not even really been aware you HAD mentioned something; when in due course, that something appears.  Or at least something relating to that something.

She pays attention you see.  To detail.

Emm will not mind me telling you (for we've discussed/argued/hugged and made up over it), she likes to shop.  Shopping has been her forte, for sure.  Nowadays, she tells me, this has been well controlled and I have no reason to disbelieve.

It leaves a legacy, though, a life-time passion for shopping.  It means one knows what is on the market and what 'mark' one is prepared to pay.  It results in adeptness of purchase when birthdays, weddings, festivals and Vedanta courses take place.  I have been in receipt of no less than three boxes packed with more on the inside than the outside might claim and all of it highly useful, entertaining - or consumable.

I admit to having occasionally been frustrated with Emm for her tendency to keep giving me stuff.  I am of the less is more mentality.  Off-loading is my preference.  Yes stuff accrues, but I don't attach to it.  Not enough to keep it stored for eons anyway.  Indeed, periodic clearances are greatly enjoyed.  This varies according to the object - books tend to linger longest of course.

As I was packing for my great spiritual adventure, Emm arrived.  With a kettle.

Travel light has always been my policy.  On the aeroplane only hand luggage was going.  Then one small box by post containing towels, homoeopathic pharmacy, meditation assan.  Things were tight.  Poor Emm.  It took all her determination to get me to accept that kettle into the manifest.  A small, travel kettle complete with two cups.

I have had cause on more than one occasion to thank Emm for her persistence.  It was the ideal addition to the limited goods.  It got used over and above it's standard operating instructions for 15 months.  Being flat-bottomed like a pan, it not only cooked water, but pasta, soups and revived chapattis.  That it lasted 15 months says much for the wee thing.  Here is an amazing thing though, on the very night it ceased and was no more, another good friend from Holland arrived.  In her bottomless suitcase was a full-sized kettle and without hesitation she offered it to me.  By this time I had learned a lesson.  Without hesitation, I accepted!

Ah, the Lord and His mysterious ways.

Back to Emm.  When we were advised that there had been a minor change in schedule here - extension of a month due to study backlog - my immediate thought was to pass the alert to Emm.  It was a given that she would already have been searching for bargain flights, albeit 6 months away.  As far as I know, she will be the only one of the 'inner circle' who will be attending our completion ceremony.  It's important to me that she doesn't miss the fun and games.

Good thing I did, for she had indeed been on the lookout.  Anyway.  Emm has booked a bargain and will be here at the appointed time.  I have my own copy of the document to prove it!  That's the kind of girl she is.  Now the end is truly in sight.  Something that was a bit abstract has solidified.  Not only am I grateful to a wonderful friend that she will make this trip for me, but also that in doing so at exactly this point in the course where other things have also 'coagulated' (see Thursday's post), it has set a firm deadline.

Oh, and there's another box on the way! Yaay.  &~>


  1. Wonder what happened to this blog. Was not able to get it on the ipad. Wonder why. Had to read it on the Vaio. What do you call it? Voo voo ow some such thing. For identity purposes will not say more. Will email with photos of play etc. Surprise awaits you in 6 months. Yah!!!
    Apprently they are having another course after yours. And NO I am not one of the participants. House holder life suits me well, with my dedicated seva to my Guru Dev.

    Expect the unexpected tomorrow Hopefully. Sorry could not get on line today, just got back from the last day of talks.

    Love and Light and LOTS of Hugs from the boys and me.

  2. Hari Om
    Asuras in that there cloud, Mah, nothing but asuras (imps, pixies and all round gremlins)!! Have had a few weird things happen with posts this week and Google did make a public apology about some stoppage during the week...

    8^} YAMxx

  3. Nothing to that effect in the wardrobe. I checked it twice just to be sure. Haha

  4. Hari OM
    ......thrice for luck? LOL

    YAM &->


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