…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menospovelling [men-oh-spuv-ell-ing]; the condition of requiring simplicity and reaching for serenity

'Keep it simple' has been a personal motto for many a decade now.  The talent for cutting through the spurkle-murkle that others try to spin around themselves and use for the entrapping of others has served me well.  For the most part in life, I have avoided the crooks, the crazies and the emotional blackmailers.  Not always, but mostly.  This seeing clearly has not always been appreciated, still isn't by some.

If anything, menosoup has sharpened this need to deal only with the basics.  I like to pare things back to the core.  If there's something worth holding onto and chewing over, then all good and well.  Otherwise, goodbye.

If it cuts the clod, has no angled edges and presents a stout handle, then it is a spade.  Don't tell me it is a shovel.  That's a totally different instrument.  Each cannot do the other's work; not easily anyway.  So the fellow who invented the spork (or splade depending where you're from) was getting the idea.  If you want something that will spear as well as lift, you need a new instrument.  You need to think outside the pentagram.  The keyword there is 'think'.

Having been in my fifth decade for a while now and having spent a significant number of the passing years in a state of study and rumination, it might be thought that I had an idea how to think.  In my current course of study, however, an expansion of thinking has taken place that I could not have anticipated.  After one text recently it seemed that just when I thought I had thunk my best thought, the thought behind thinking made itself known and I knew I had thunk not a thought worth the thinking.

(It's okay.  Go over it again if you wish.  I've been sitting on that one for three months and am still working on it.)

It seemed I had a new instrument. The process of reaching this milestone has required the stripping away of one's established thought patterns.  Decluttering the intellect.  Simplifying.  Which is great.  This is what results in clarity.  That in turn gives serenity.

So this menosoupal brain upon which mind and intellect play has had to be both spade and shovel.  Simplicity requires the spreading force of the mental shovel, getting rid of all the detritus, whilst serenity requires the cutting edge of the intellectual spade to dig into the kernel that was revealed. It's hard work.  But if it's not done now, it will never be.

If I call a spade a spade, know it to be true. Spovelling is important.  Never underestimate it.

Of course, due to menopolyxinaemia, I may get them the wrong way round.  This can result in knicker-twisting of the type non-conducive to serenity.  Or even an outburst of blogging.  Perhaps there ought to be interim SPAWC licensing for novice spovellers - 'Serenity Pending Approach With Care'!  


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