'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolyrical [men-oh-lir-rick-ul]; the condition of conversational disco-ordination. Chatterbox snippets of an insomniac.

It seems these little insights into ether-borne messaging between Aitch and myself are quite popular.  Here, read how two aging spinsters attempt to master Go Ogle and its sharing facility… (warning, read slowly and if you have decoding specs - please send some!)

Aitch: Are you still awake?

me: yup just now loading the piccies - might put a couple on g+ if you hang around...
Aitch: okay
Don't know how you do it…   I wouldn't be able to work like that at 10.30, let alone 2.40am

me: its not normal I know. but remember the insomnia thing?

Aitch: oh yes but thought that was improving. Are you allowed to sleep after 6am?

me: not generally past 5am... uploading a picce just now - you'll get g+ notificfation soon…

Aitch: am waiting excitedly

me: not quite sure whatsahappenin - try going to my profile page and selecting photos - see what happens please

Aitch: ok

me: you're looking for the running monkey who passed the windie yesterday

Aitch: lol
...that may not appear funny to you but it is this end

me: ?.....oh,  hahahahahah I got it - now

Aitch: I haven't seen the photo yet

me: so go to profile front page - hit the photos tab then the view all at the shared albums bit. i will need to get a bit clever about sorting what's what

Aitch: All I can see is the scrapbook photos, no running monkey who passed the windie yesterday

me: just above in blue is VIEW ALL - press a few buttons gal

Aitch: oh yes... No... got photo of baby Jade and you as profile photos and 6 scapebook photos

me: not sure I understood that dialect... I think if you click on scrap book you may get there...
  wait up its the one dated march 11

Aitch: I can see three sheep two unside down... maybe there is a time lag

me: back out that door ever so slowly... you'll see more of Wise Fergus another time.

Aitch:Oh no, It isn't a baby Jade - it is Rekha. okay here goes

me: wait there - just figured out the buttons at my end of the stick…


me: wheeeeeeeeee - this is the young male who was babe in arms last mango season and came to have a go at Rekha. He's full grown now. It was his mother who was doing the meditation in TAKE ONE.

Aitch: Now your "look for the running monkey who passed the windie yesterday" makes cvoplete sence
  not like my spelling it is meant to be complete

me: yup - am getting the handle of that code!
  okay let me see if I can upload one of today…

Aitch: I don't know that I can stand the excitement!!!

me: ;)

Aitch: Just found his mum...  Are they friendly?

 me: The monkeys are very friendly,,,, with each other. Wouldn't want to get between one and a mango.
….oh look, it's time to get up. Well the bell will say so shortly. thinking about second breakfasts now.

Aitch: At 4 in the morning

 me: ....mmmm... than there will be space for first lunches...

Aitch: Time for bed for me I think before we get talking about lunch.

me: silly me, all alert and active - forgot you need to close the day. sorry about that.   sleep well. xxoxoxxoo

Oh Dear Reader, you got this far?  Interested in the 'windie monkey'?  You deserve something for putting up with all this menopolyxinaemic nonsense...

Lot of fuss about nothing - moved so fast I couldn't focus let alone the camera!!!


  1. Oh me gosh, you too. That's enough. ......... Excitement for one day, night, morning?

    Keep it moving gals.

  2. That was so funny, I started to laugh again at 'you're looking for the running monkey who passed the windie yesterday.' Just as funny if not more than the first time around. Shouldn't be here now so had better get on, but took a few minutes to catch up on some of the backlog. Talk later xx

  3. Hari Om
    Thank you ladies - glad to brighten the end of your week!!


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