…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolistal [men-oh-list-all]; the state of leaning out of the box a bit.

As menolooped on Tuesday, Aitch had me pondering the 'what if…?" basket in this wavery head.  I had been mentioning that written work for the vedanta course was becoming pretty dense and I was needing to think of ways to ease the writing pressure a wee tad here on MMM.


One does wonder at the timing of things.  This is the week in which the dissertation was finalised and handed in and also the one in which the end of course - decide your future - interview was due.  Thus the process transmuted into a review of life in general and what's so important about all this stuff after all?  What's more, it only works on the premise of the biggest 'what if…?" of all "...I won the lottery" which we all know>>>>>>>>>>>

I do know folk who have had substantial small wins, so never say never.  But you do have to be in it to win it… and I ain't.  Never mind.  There is much that can be done simply by virtue of 'creating it' and as am of the philosophical bent anyway, that will take me to many places.  Indeed it already has.  Only when I have stopped and got stuck in those places did things get a bit messy.  It is necessary to keep visualising (this is NOT daydreaming) and then acting on the necessary steps that will either lead to the vision becoming fact, or lead one to something not previously thought of and just as, if not more, wonderful.  The key to this philosophy is keep working and accept everything as a gift.

Sigh.  That having been said.  I finally came up with 40, slightly iffy, things to be done or see through to conclusion.  This, then is more by way of an affirmation listing.  Like might be done on December 31st in preparation for January 1st, in anticipation of the affirmations taking hold before the following December 31st.  The point being that it is a mutational listing.  Something may be achieved, therefore creating space for something else to arrive.

Anyway, I couldn't number or prioritise them at all.  Rather they have come out in categories representing feasibility.  Today am putting the straight listing.  Then from tomorrow, will break it down a bit, 'coz there may be some explaining to do.

Wishes were prizes…

Get stranded on tropical island
Virgin space flight
Never have to do another laundry
Live in tree/cave
Grow orchids
Sing at SOH
Richard Branson
Nelson Mandela
Mark every bird in ornithology books of OZ/UK
Dance in Bollywood film
Know sanskrit by inserted chip tech

Distant horizons...

Play with tigers
High tea at Raffles
Ride in sleigh with reindeer
Ride in sled with malamutes
PhD comparative philosophies/religions
Read and absorb every philosophy
Guest appearance on GN show

And why not…?

Himalayan yatra
See Canada/Alaska
See Russia
Ride the Ghan
Meet the blogdogs and other mates
Visit every ruin in the UK
See Shakespeare's work at Stratford
Devise and present a stage show
Write books that sell


Own another telescope
Live in clear view of E and W horizons
To know a thing or two more
Be surrounded by animals/nature
Sell Mandalas
Produce the cartoons
Get the spiritual blog going
Be on other's blogrolls
Visit every sacred place
Run spiritual counselling/healing setup.


Scuba diving
Climb Uluru

You may be wondering at the acronyms of the last two.  That will be revealed, but a wee 'forecast'; the last one relates to Aitch and YAM's first venture to OZ...

You're already entertained at the thought of that aren't you?!



  1. Dat is a hefty list you got theres!
    Mum always plays da 'what if' game...she says it is to be preapred but I thinks it be cuz her is a wee bit paranoid!

    I thinks it would be cool as all get out to meet Nelson Mandela...and rtichard Branson, he could give me some "how to get rich' tips.


  2. Hari OM
    Hello lovely Puddles - are you crossing your paws for mum right now??? I agree this is a steep listing - but gotta have a challenge in life to make getting out of bed worthwhile.

    I know you did your bucket tour not so long ago - but wonder what else you would like to do?

    Please tell mum, there's nothing wrong with what ifs, as long as we don't rely on them becoming definites!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty x

  3. Own another telescope? Sigh. And you know why .
    Bollywood, mandalas yes and a few more would be on mine too. Aitch has a lot to answer for. D day tomorrow. I'll keep ya posted. Body aches with a cold and a touch of fever.

  4. Oh guess what got lou's for the boys and I today. Excuse sick!

  5. Hari Om

    Wonderful lists to achieve immortality!!

    Love it!!

  6. Hari Om
    Mahal - would that be pizza's then? Mine's a margharita with an avocado salad to side! Remember the brews (back on april 19 "menodicinal").

    Magiceye - thank you sir - it was a bit traumatic putting it together, but now I think am onto something. Please do enjoy the day expansions!

  7. Interesting list! And shush don't tell Bertie but I would so love to go sledding with Malamutes...

    Did see a couple of Shakespeare plays at Stratford when at school in the seventies. King Lear and Twelfth Night - the latter was our 'O' level set text. Orsino was played, very camp. by a young Ian McKellan, and on the bus home the English teacher nervously told us not to write in our exams that Orsino was (her words) 'a queer'.
    Cheers! Gail.

  8. Yam, Louie's is your fave Chinese from Asquith. Forgotten already?

  9. Hari OM
    Lovely to see you Gail (& Bertie)! Oh how wonderful to have seen an actor of worth before they became known; I recall at a similar timeframe going to see Macbeth in Ipswich and it had a very young Brian Cant in the lead. Don't recall anything controversial coming out of it though!!! YAM xx


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