'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolistal [men-oh-list-all]; the state of leaning out of the box a bit.

The first batch.

Yesterday I posted the full 40 in simple terms - - with time effort and a few bucks, what would I do with life? Today, we shall take a closer look at the item in the first section, in which the items have Buckley's chance of actually happening…

Get stranded on tropical island
Look, I've said it before, I like to be alone.  Am good in my own company and nature is my friend.  Even such places have birds and lizards and such.  I say tropical island rather than desert island, because I will need more than music to sustain me.  This island has the full smorgasbord of fruits on offer.  Coconut palms, mangos, papaya and banana plants, mangos, watermelons and cantaloupes, mangos, somehow on the high side of the volcano even berries will grow so there's blueberries and straws and rasps, mangos, sitaphal (custard apples) and star fruit, mangos, kiwi vines and cucumber and tomatoes, mangos, runner beans and gourds, mangos and I am sure there will be some form of edible Wild Yam…

Virgin space flight
I read somewhere that fellow Branson is getting closer to commercial flights into the stratosphere and higher even.  Now that truly is a childhood dream come true and this once aspiring jet pilot would be up for a ride on one of these!!

Never have to do another laundry
Come oooooonn, which women out there would not be nodding her head at this right now?

Live in tree/cave
Now, of course, if the first wish were to be granted, this would follow by natural order.  However, in the case of there being a drought in tropical island vacancies, then a tree or cave in any of Nature's wonderland would have to suffice.  There would naturally have to be a waterfall and pool close by for the necessary ablution requirements.

Grow orchids
What, you ask, is this doing in the too hard basket?   Well, you just answered your own question.  Actually you could add African violets to this one.  Roses also.  I love them.  The don't love me….&<

Sing at SOH
I have been fortunate in my singing days to have performed at Edinburgh's Usher Hall - the Northern equivalent of the Sydney Opera House.  (Who's laughing?)  Somehow, I never picked up this same occupation in Sydney and therefore was always the listener and never the listened to.  Not that it was a bad thing.  But since we are doing the 'out there' items, this would be one of them.

Richard Branson
Well, given the second choice up there, it's not too hard to understand this one.  Have always had a sneaking admiration for the guy and he's a darn good human being along with it.  He also epitomizes what I was saying about visualising then going about the creating.  I guess there might be a very vague possibility about this one, but on the whole it is unlikely so must stay in this category.
Nelson Mandela
Well, who wouldn't want to?  But I fear this becomes an impossibility for that dear man's health is now ridiculously frail.

Mark every bird in ornithology books of OZ/UK
Having been a keen birder/twitcher/YO since school days and never having lost the love of spotting every little thing with wings, this would be a reasonable dream to add to my list - and reasonable to assume, too, that it would be close to impossible for me now to make the 100%.

Dance in Bollywood film
It's just down the road from the ashram, y'know?  In fact you have read even in recent times of my observing the making of movies right next door.  I could go and gate crash I suppose.  They might spot me though.  Half the height of the other girls.  Twice the girth.  And a bit on the light side.  OOOOHHHH but I do love a bit of bhangra…

Know Sanskrit by inserted chip tech
Last but not least for today, oh for that technology where by the human brain becomes fully integrated with Voo-voo the Vaio and I can go from being the most desperate and tongue-tied student to the erudite Sanskrit Scholar Supreme.  Meanwhile, I'll make do with the fact that I can A) read Sanskrit, B) pronounce Sanskrit, C) see something of the grammar of Sanskrit and D) chant in Sanskrit.  All I need is the chip-in dictionary and I'd be blinding.

More fun tomorrow!


  1. Hari Om

    May all your dreams be realised!!

    Jai Ho!

  2. Hari OM
    Your wish is my benefit Magiceye!


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