…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolistal [men-oh-list-all]; the state of leaning out of the box a bit. (cont'd)

Thursday I posted the "what if…?" list.  It needed some exploring, hence a number of posts to expand on the themes.  Today, what about those little "hmm maybes" which could, with some effort, cajoling and financial finagling, come to fruition?  Truth is these are really not high on my list of priorities to attend to in life, but if chance presented, then fine!  Hence the title "DISTANT HORIZONS".

Play with tigers
There is a place in Thailand (or is it Viet Nam?) where one can visit with tigers.  Buddhist monks have responsibility for the majestic cats and there is a pattern of feeding and grooming established.  They are free and wild, but a relationship has formed which is clearly of mutual benefit.  Mother Nature within me would dearly love to visit.

High tea at Raffles
Does that seem so improbable?  Well yes considering that Singapore is not high on my list of places to see, so to go just for this would itself be extravagant.  Not to mention that the cost factor at the place itself is likely to be prohibitive.  It's definitely up there with the 'lottery win' group , but you just never know…

Ride in sleigh with reindeer
We all still have the inner child, is it not?  Oh to ride with Santa as he leaves his Lappland home for the annual round of merriment.  It's there.  It happens.  I could be part of this.

Ride in sled with malamutes
How's this different from the one above?  Oh come on folks.  How is cheese different from chalk!  Opposite sides of the North Pole for starters.  Dogs have very different personalities to deer.  Sleds are smaller, sleeker, faster - and way more unstable.  There's a touch of the extreme in this one, which YAM doesn't mind in small doses.

PhD comparative philosophies/religions
What - more study?!  I am the perennial student people, so there has to be ongoing satisfaction in this regard.  But why is it in this basket?  Truth is that the course here at Sandeepany has been of the highest level of spirito-philosophical research.  In many respects it has provided sufficient brain fodder to last the remaining days.  However, as will be seen in the upcoming expansions on 'the list', simply learning is not enough - there must be good and proper use made of the learning.  Much of what I intend for the next phase in life will actually fit into this title, so there is a wee bit of me wondering, 'why not make it formal?' (in Western terms - this is NOT in any way to invalidate my current course, only here there is no 'bit of paper' at the end of it and the modern world tends to be paper hungry…)

Read and absorb every philosophy
Any course that is undertaken cannot actually manage the full picture.  It can only point to the frame and say, 'if you are at all interested, go here'.  On my way up the spiritual ladder, I have brushed with many - that was the only way to finally reach the one  which grabbed.  In reaching here, it is of course clear that all High Knowledge is the same, just presented differently.    What I have come to know is that Vedanta fits into all and a dream would be to bring out those common points and be part of the movement which unifies through faith, rather than identifies the differences in order to defend lesser practices within any given one faith system.  (You will be seeing much more of this in due course, so let's not get bogged down in the matter here.  It is important to me though, hence it's appearance on the list)

Almost everyone has heard of and has a kind of idea about transcendence.  Most of it delusional and just plain wrong.  I had a pretty clear idea before coming to Sandeepany, but even that has still required modification as The Knowledge has been imparted.  Many who follow this path, be it through Christian Gnosticism, Islamic Sufism or whatever, when it comes to the final stages of releasing, surrendering, immersing in Unity with All, simply cannot do it.  It is my goal.  It is the reason I am here.  It is a work in progress.  I am also realistic about my impediments and blockages and for the moment this has to be on the list in this basket as its achievement (at time of writing) seems rather a distant horizon indeed.

Guest appearance on Graham Norton show
Huh?!  Sublime to ridiculous!  If you have been around this blog for more than a day and a half, you will have discovered that YAM is prone now and then to the ridiculous.  It gives balance to the transactional world. 

I should point out here that Aitch is yet again to blame.  Having sent a link on a person of interest to both of us which just happened to be on the GN show, (a person of whom I had no ken prior to this), I got totally caught up in his light and frothy style which seemed to bring out the best of humour in his guests.  Michael Parkinson he is not (that would have been my choice had Parkie still been around), but he's got that certain something which has resulted in many a late night rendezvous with the tubular thing here on Voo-voo.

I'm talking a serious invitation to sit on the red couch.  Who wouldn't want to invite a little grey-haired Scottish woman wearing a sari and spouting Vedanta, in order to share a shallow and meaningless exchange as everyone flaps their lips at each other in order to get the best line of the show out there?

It would be such fun.


  1. Brought a smile. You go girl. If you put your mind to it anything and everything is possible.

  2. Sled dogs are lovely, if you're properly introduced. Otherwise, they might think you're lunch, and devour you without cheese or pickle.
    I've never met a reindeer, however.
    I think I might still have friends in Singapore. I mean, I think my friend and his lovely Sri Lankan wife might still be there.
    You and I could meet there, and I'll pay for high tea at Raffles, then use whatever is left of my money to pay for my ensuing divorce. My husband wants to go to Viet Nam or some such. He doesn't think Singapore has the true jungle feeling, and I hope he's right.
    Luv, K

  3. Hari Om
    Mahal - &**>

    Kay - what? no jungle? Okay, Raffles for tea then over to VN for a bush-bash!!! (you can stay at Raffs if you like - use that remaining cash, you know he's not gonna let you divorce him!) YAM xx


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