…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolistal [men-oh-list-all]; the state of leaning out of the box a bit. (cont'd)

Having embarked upon the ultimate list of "what ifs…?" at the behest of my good pal Aitch, , today I present to you the section in which items are a tad closer to possibility of actually happening - though still with the caveat of "...but how?"  We'll call this one -

And why not…?

Himalayan yatra
Well, having missed the chance whilst the rest of my fellow brahmacharins embarked on the great Hindu pilgrimage, this HAS to be on the list, right?  On that occasion they were doing the whole madcap journey, side tours, Ganges dipping, ashram communal sleeping thing in a matter of 17 days.  For a woman who has difficulty at the moment moving from room to class room over flat and paved ground, this was going to be a wee bit too much. Only in so far as recovery time would not be allotted.  Have entered this here in anticipation that will return to India having restored the body somewhat to it's former fitness as well as planning a trip that is more conducive to yatra - i.e. staying in each place for rather longer than 24 hours or less.  That way recovery is inbuilt to the trip.

See Canada/Alaska
I have been very fortunate and have travelled quite extensively.  In terms of places to see (as opposed to people), there are few left that would still hold desire for me.  The Northern North American continent is one of them.  Ever since reading things like  North by North west, Moby Dick, Call of the wild (you know what I mean!) These wilderness places have held a fascination for me.  I would include the Poles and other similar - but then we are getting back into the Distant Horizons basket…  This one does have some semblance of the possible about it .  It would also lend more credence to the sled and dogs scenario.

See Russia
Ah yes, the land which could be Europe and yet…  I first read War and Peace when I was 10 years old.  My English teacher was sceptical, but when I wrote an essay on it she had to revamp her opinion of me.  It has been read 4 times more since then.  I also fell in love with  Russian poetry and art.  It was because of this I took Russian language for two years.  Got quite proficient.  Bit rusty now of course.  But I would surely love to brush it off and run a few phrases past the security man at Leningrad's Kremlin.

Ride the Ghan
Australia is a great place for lovers of train travel.  (As much as I love flying, commercial A to B bus routes with wings are not so appealing - if we could go round the world on a single train, I'd be up for it!!)  Majority people will be familiar with the great East-West-East ride across the Nullabor, known as the India Pacific.  However, less will be aware of the South-North-South track form Adelaide to Darwin.  It is called the Ghan because it was originally used only for transportation, following the routes once traversed by camel trains - mostly hailing from Afghanistan.  Like the Orient Express, it does have the super luxury carriages, but of course mostly the bog-standard bogeys.  Nevertheless, the trip is what it's about.  No reason why this shouldn't happen.  Just gotta get organised!

Meet the blogdogs and other mates
One of the great delights of recent months has been this very activity - the blogging.  I am rather astounded, to be honest, at how much I am enjoying it, as well as benefitting from reading so many other wonderful offerings.  The Pet Bloggers were an astonishment for me.  To find such a great network of animal and nature lovers and some truly good humour has been heartwarming.  That I have also 'connected' quite firmly with two or three of those as well as some of the human bloggers, I do find myself thinking that I would like to meet them in person.    Being in Mumbai itself, I certainly hope to make eye contact with Bozo and his human, "Magiceye" (hint hint ahem!)

Visit every ruin in the UK
I will qualify that further by saying, as per National Trust.  If you have a broken down cottage in the Cotswalds you want the YAMster to visit, that would have to be on a separate list!  Was a member of the SNT of course and had ticked off a goodly number of the Scottish places, but there sooooo many more that have still to be photographed and traipsed over.  Atmosphere, history, romance, murder and mayhem.  Usually gorgeous scenery too.

See Shakespeare's work at Stratford
When I was struggling to put this list together, Aitch mentioned theatres on her page and I realised that this was one thing that I would really like to do.  Have drive through (or rather bypassed) Stratford-on-Avon with no idea of stopping (this was in connection with the boating fiasco - not his thing…)  and truly want to get back and see one or other of the plays performed in the place of origin, as it were.

Devise and present a stage show
Signs of the frustrated thespian?  No!  This is in relation to the ongoing spiritual work - I see potential for bringing to folk who would not perhaps consider reading the books or looking up "self-revelation as entertainment".  There is a tradition of satsang in Hinduism which I think can be very easily transferred to the small stage and allow for interactive sessions focused on the nature of being Human.  (All art does that, in its own way, but…) 

Write books that sell
The writing is under way, albeit very early days yet.  Most bloggers, I think, have some ambition in this direction - that's what blogging is for after all!  These are to be combined with the bigger spiritual picture I keep referring back to, but with entertainment still firmly placed.

There are one or two of you scratching your head at my announcing plans so openly…  two points - this is my affirmation list of things to do, remember, so now it is in writing, I have to make at least some of it happen  Secondly, I know exactly how many folk are looking at this.  I am not in danger of being the subject of espionage here!  Let's face it, you are currently a small but select group (though I am delighted to say this is growing on a weekly basis, with the help of some of the lovely folk mentioned four paras back).

There are certain things that just have to be said in the language from which they came.  Our Acharya-ji (Mr. Sanskrit Scholar himself) only last week reminded us that when you know that things can only happen by the grace of the Higher Power, no word beats that of Islam's "In-shah-Allah!"  This part of the list and the one you'll see on Tuesday certainly need the help of God's will - but it is good to remember that God can only fund the strength and character to pull things off - the doing of them is entirely up to us!!


  1. Hari Om, Yam! I like both of these lists; if you get close to Stratford, give us a call =) Now then, I've pointed folk your way again from FB, and hope they'll come and be as entertained as I am. But I think these poor lost souls need a bit of a "Yam 101" to read, to get to grips with you and your life. A bit of a bio? If you post one, I'll definitely point to it =) Indigo x

  2. Hari OM
    Hello kind sir! I will most certainly make a point of connecting when heading your way.

    Very many dhanyavads for the networking. Regarding bio - that is what the MENOTHORITY page is at the top... and gradually each of these posts is filling in the gaps. I will ponder this and see whether I can make this more obvious... thank you for the suggestion.

    Have a great Sunday. YAM xx


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