'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menodicinal Revisited

Menodicinal  [men-oh-diss-in-ul]; the condition of requiring treatment. 

Yes, my dears, I had cause to utilise The Elixir… and then some.  It's great for the groggy, stuffy, mucusy stuff.  Not sooo wonderful when it comes to one of the many varieties of fever which hit we "Mumbaikers"!

Remember the laryngeal sword-fight? Turns out that was just the advance party.  Reconnoitering the biological availability of YAM's territory.

All week I was beginning to suspect return of the CFS but none of my usual preventive stuff was making a blind bit of difference.  Apart from the excessive sleeping and the increased inflammation and pain from the arthritis, I could not identify any useful symptoms.

Then came Saturday morning and a missed class.  Could not get the body to move.  Eventually, yes, but not in the usual time and space matrix.  Did manage to get to the 4pm class and Acharya-ji took one look at me and wondered aloud - "Why, amma?"   I must have been looking real good for him to make any comment!  Anyway it didn't take too long into the evening to become apparent that there was more to things than had been thought.

At exactly 1:35am on Sunday morning I awoke with the world shaking.  At 1:42am I realised the world was fine, but I was not.  Full-on ague.  Rigors to undo teeth and open already fragile joints.  Iceberged.  Dripping.

Somehow I got to the med-kit and downed, first, two aspirin for immediate relief, then some China Officianalis 30c - good old homoeopathic quinine.

Then I tried to find the hot water bag, but it must be 'somewhere safe'; donned as much clothing as could and still be able to flex, threw another cover over the bed and then shook and shivered myself back to sleep.

Fever broke by the time I awoke - 8am-ish.  But head thumping, nose and eyes running. 

So I stayed closeted till Tuesday morning.  Friends brought food.  Friends brought water.  Friends brought laughs.  Friends brought recordings of the missed classes.  I have managed to consume all of the above.  That plus a couple more doses of China, saw to it that I could rise again.  From Monday morning onwards, it has been The Elixir to clear up all the gunk.  Going okay but it's that old thing - take 7 days or...

Am a bit behind on thinking about posts as a result.  So forgive this gripey one.  Tomorrow's will have to fend for itself…  why not stop by and find out what it decides to do?

I know there have been some viral visitations to various folks I know but I do hope every one else is now staying a bit fitter than yours truly. 
’I’m afraid you’ve contracted one of the more literal strains of human rhinovirus.’ by Fishman, Loren
"I'm afraid you've contracted one of the more literal strains of the human rhinovirus"
image from the Cartoon Network Online


  1. Poor Yam. :-( So sorry the dreaded lurgy has raised its ugly head again and hope that this time you've managed to send it packing for good.

    Hugs Pxxx

  2. Aarrgghh. It sounds ghastly. I've had a cold but it seems to restrict itself to snuffling, sneezling, sniffling, and wanting to close my eyes. At least, I think so. I've been thinking the all-over pain was Fibromyalgia. Not likely you and I have contracted the same bug on different sides of the world. Or is it? Flu bugs and new strains of the common cold travel on jets just like people these days, but don't have to pay.
    Take good care of yourself. I'm going to lie down and close my eyes again. I've been researching something fascinating, but can't bear looking at the computer screen another minute.
    Be well, my friend.
    Luv, K

  3. Hari OM
    Thanks for the love-vibes ladies! It has wiped me out a bit - but of course it has hit an already rather run-down vehicle. Rust added to rust, as it were.

    Yes, Kay - I suspect the very same strain is running round the globe at speeds not fathomed by the lowly creatures it targets!! The eye-strain symptoms has been one of the more unusual things. The minute I try to read (including this) they are producing as much water as the monsoon outside my window. Oh well.

    Hugs back!!!


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