…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolyrical In Absentia

Menolyrical [men-oh-lir-rick-ul]; the condition of conversational disco-ordination. Chatterbox snippets of an insomniac.

A couple of little fun bits to pad out whilst I continue recovery, as well as further proof I am not alone in the menosoup of life.  I should tell you that neither of us is great at spelling when typing at each other faster than the speed of ink, so these have been sternly edited for legibility.  (One day I may just dump an entire chat in and leave you to sink or swim.  It's the Wild in the YAM...#~>)


Aitch: Did I tell you J and S have gone on holiday? She tried to ring me yesterday but I was out.  I rang her and she was out.  She rang again this morning I was out.  I tried to ring her - no reply. Then texted her and they were already at the airport and checked in.  ...Now you are going to ask me where they have gone?

me: tee hee phone tag
Aitch: This is the first holiday they have had since their honeymoon. J was looking after Mummy so couldn't really leave her.  You haven't asked?

me:  good for them... what was I supposed to ask... sorry? bit slow now
  oohhhhh - where'd they go then?  Not Chechnya… Iceland…. Australia….  INDIA!  BUTE!

Aitch: No... really hoped you didn't as I cannot remember.

me: ......................................................speechless

Aitch: Could well be Spain but could be Greece too - In fact no idea at all!   Terrible aunty.  H2 has the hotel name and flight details

 me: hitting the tiles here!

Aitch: maybe there is something on facebook

me: Lord I hope so - I can't breathe -  help

Aitch: why are you holding your breath?

me: cackling out loud

Aitch: me too!!!  ***


Aitch: evening how has your day been? Busy I expect. It is hot here, wonderful. I had a lovely day at work, I had a man come to see me who's grandfather was a consultant at AH in the 1920's-40's. He had some old instruments to give me. Then I spent the afternoon trying to identify them.

me: golly that sounds interesting - scalpels and saws? and what constitutes hot in your book?

Aitch: 18-20 degrees

me:  (8-|)

Aitch: No saws; lots of scissors, needles and a lovely set of instruments looked like they could have been used for going to see patients in the community. He was a gynaecologist - how was that I didn't look it up!
Check here folks - if you can face it!!

me: tee hee...... so could have been speculas and such like?

Aitch: Yes - some things I don't want to know what they were used for, in fact, as they look terrifying.

me: COL

Aitch: But they will make a good display and I can put in something about him. I found a couple of group photos with him in one as a young man and one older.

 me:   oh well done

Aitch:  I hope it will be when I have got it all ready…..    Well I am going to go the to the pictures again to night to see GI Joe.

me: ...huh?  Sublime to the ridiculous!!

***... before you all ask...TENERIFE!!


  1. OMG, falling off the bed and can't afford to do that in this condition. Lots of head shaking too. Oh we'll.

  2. Hari OM
    Steady on ol' gal! Hope you followed the links - only men could have invented such things...

  3. Hello Auntie Yam, Mum hasn't been feeling very well, first hurting her leg running after me on my adventure then this week she has a terrible cold. But reading this blog has cheered her up so thanks for doing that. The cricket was doing that but not any more. I have been sitting with her all day keeping an eye on her and trying to make her drink more. love from Lady Vicki xxooxx

  4. Hari OM
    Oh dear Lady V - I do hope the bottom over top bizzo earlier in the week didn't contribute to the insides coming out now...? But good onya for playing nurse! You keep well too. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xx


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