…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menopuggled[men-oh-pug-uld]; the condition of being drained of all power.

It is not likely to have escaped your notice, Dear Reader, that we have well and truly entered the seventh calendar month of 2013.  Which means there is less of it to go than has already been.

[Takes long deep breath...pssshaawwwww - the links you'll find in the following are worth a visit!]

Fourmonths ago I wrote my third ever entry here and it was about the feeling of having no power in the body.  Like a car without fuel.  Or the geyser without power.  There had been a significant amount of stress built up in regard to menosoup and it was probably at its peak when I discovered the pressure release valve called blogging.

Progress report;  short-term memory impairment?  What's that then?

Progress report; energy levels?  Are there levels other than empty?

I used to drive my trusty ancient Vauxhall wagon like this - that is to say, "on the smell of an oily rag".  Wonderful vehicle which I bought for `£500  (cheap even 30 years ago!!), then subsequently did all the maintenance such as brake pad change, oil change, battery change, spark plug change, a bit of valve regrinding, some alternator refinements…………  ran like a baby for the four years prior to the OZ move and even had holes in the floor well so one could do the Flintstones thing if the oily rag ran out of sniff.  I tip my metaphorical hat to Father for the early childhood training in such matters.  Wee brother Mac3 would put his brawn and two cents (sorry pence) worth into the proceedings and then there was the very worthwhile purchase of the AA's "How to…" manual.  Was always a dab hand at reading manuals.

The manual for the life I am leading now is a group of writings so ancient there are many and varied arguments as to their actual age.  These Sanskrit words of long wisdom prove that mankind has changed not one iota.  This is either reassuring or heartily depressing.  At times it is hard to decide which.

Aside for extreme philosophical heights, one can find here instructions on the optimal eating regime, rest patterns and mental/emotional balancing.  One can trace how it is that the 'modern' world has come up with all sorts of reinvented 'wheels' on how to get the best from life.  Whilst it is an irony that it is the very study of said documentations over an intense 22 months which has in part contributed to the menopugglement, there is relief to be found here too.

What advice is given for the physically and mentally spent?  Eat lightly, drink plenty (water!), increase rest by half to one hour per day.  More than this will lead to increased lethargy - proving the dictum that 'cure' can also be causative.

As a homoeopath, this is exactly what I would say to clients undergoing, say, post-viral syndrome - or indeed, to those who were students and burning the midnight oil.

Which of course is a large part of my condition.  Then again, that is because of the menosomnia.  No sleep for YAM unless she knocks herself on the head.  It comes eventually, hangs around for a couple of hours, then off it runs.  So the concept of increasing rest by one hour is a bit lost on me.  Never mind.  It's still valid advice and am doing my best to comply.

The thing is, we have but two months and six days till the conclusion of the course.  It is hitting the whole batch and there is a subtle but distinct change in the atmosphere as we all now are having to get ourselves prepared for the eventual goodbyes.  Vedanta is all about non-attachment and majority here (myself included) have got this pretty well under control.  But what we are finding, naturally, is that in our efforts to help lift each other to our better inner beings other, different, bonds have formed.  These too will have to be acknowledged then released.  It will be welcome, but it is natural that there is some apprehension also.  That uses energy, burns the whiff from the rag; albeit in the background.

Thus when writing about menopugglement three months past, who knew that I could have pushed myself this far and be again writing of it having found a deeper, darker level  of the condition and yet still each day being able to move forward.  It is only by holding onto the feet of God and Guru, by gaining grace, that I am still here.  Still slogging.

And despite some early self-doubt, still blogging!!


  1. You must continue blogging, my dear Yam, even when the slogging is done. We want to know what you'll do then, when you are two years older and wiser than you were at the beginning, and two months older and wiser than you are now.
    Where are you going? Oz? Scotland? Somewhere in between? Canada, for instance?
    Love the story of your old Volvo. I once had a car I loved dearly, but my mechanic (whom I baby-sat when he was small) wanted to buy it.
    The North American version of the unstoppable Volvo was the Dodge Slant Six engine, which of course they stopped making because, in North America, such things are constructed to destruct, and the Slant Six wouldn't give up.
    I've never blogged about the old Dodge. I think I'm still in mourning, and I sold it to my mechanic in the mid-80s.
    Luv, K

  2. Thanks for the reminder, from the Gita. A bit stretched at the moment, and this advice is great. See you on the other side babe. Take care. Promise to Email soon.

  3. Hari Om
    Kay - the Vauxhall is actually a British take on General Motors rather than Volvo - but still as indestructible!! Oh them ol' vee-hickles, ya just gotta luv 'em...

    As to 'after' - don't worry, blogging will continue and I'll take you along on the ride!!!!%*>

    Mahal - keep breathing!

  4. The tale of your old car took me back to our very first vehicle - an old Ford Transit van which had been converted into a basic campervan by DH's parents. By the time we had it bits were falling off it and DH had to resort to desperate stratagems to keep it running. It lasted us for 4 years when it was replaced by a mini-van. :-)

    The next few months will demand a lot of adjustments, Yam, but I'm delighted to hear you plan to keep blogging.

  5. Hari Om
    Perpetua-ji, those oldies were real goodies and one can't help thinking the modern mini motor doesn't cut the mustard!!

    Oh Yeah,,, you got me now you can't get rid of me &-)xx


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