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Me-now-views is the weekly 'less speak more peek' page where I share some of my background through pictures only.  I promised you more from Taronga Zoological Park in Sydney; the zoo with a view...

Looking across the harbour to Double Bay (or 'Millionaire Mountain')

Capricornicus sleeps with no regard for the spectacle!

Needing a snack after all that log rolling...

No, it is NOT Jasper Cat MacMeow!!  This is a bobcat and three times his size.

Okay - I HAD to supersize this one  &*>.
It's the iconic kookaburra or, the Laughing Kingfisher 

Now you lovely people - I have discovered "linky" - why not have a go? This list will remain open until midnight 4th July 2013, Mumbai time. It is for Wordless Wednesday followers - or as I like to call it "less speak more peek"!!!


  1. What kind of animal is Capricornicus? I tried searching the Taronga Zoo website but couldn't find him/her/it.
    Love the elephant (I always love elephants) and the view from the zoo is, of course, wonderful.
    The kookaburras remind me of traveling in Oz with my kid brother when he was 14. He was born an artist, and sees things other people miss, so it was great to have him say "Look at the kookaburra on top of that pole, Kay!" and point out other things I didn't see.

  2. Hari Om
    Hey Kay and THANK YOU!! Someone is paying attention &*>

    These are caprids (goat-antelopes) commonly known as the Barbary Sheep! Caprids are the mountain climbing species upon which the astrological sign "Capricorn" is based, hence this slightly facetious usage. For once I did not coin the word - I have heard it in polite conversation. Oh for heaven's sake don't ask me where or when though!

    The Kookas were not an exhibit, but had found their way into an empty stall. Opportunists ...

  3. Love these photos, two animals I have never seen Kookaburra and the Capricornicus

  4. Lovely pictures you took at the zoo. Happy WW

  5. Hari Om
    NYCSM - G'day! Well of course the Kookas are laughing that the silly goats sleeping when there's such a spectacle before them!! Thanx for dropping by.

    Dominique - A delight to see you here - I enjoy your photos also!!


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