…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menory Lane - Kolwan D

This is an ANL 'redub' taken from the lengthy letter produced at the time. It is being broken into dated entries here and some piccies being added.  This was a definite highlight in the two years!  Did you miss the start - go back three days.

Thinking caps on please! We are getting into the nitty-gritty of HOW to think. This text is challenging any complacency that may exist; we can easily listen and, on intellectual level, accept what is heard. If arguments are plausible, then we are inclined to ride along with them. But if we are truly thinking about what is being said and trying to apply the logic to our own perceptions, then we are forced to find that questions arise. Invariably our experience is at odds with the arguments being put forward. The key argument arising in this text is that which we find in Ramana Maharishi's writings such as Upadesha Sara, whereby the postulation is for the drishti-shrishti vada - that is, the world is nothing but a projection of mind. We kinda get the idea when we think of the movie on the screen or the land of dreams - but once asked to accept that the world we find waiting for us each and every morning is a long and continuous 'soap opera' we get a bit jittery. The brain tends to bend sideways and take a sniff at the tail!

Yesterday, found the body taking 2 hours sleep from 12 – 2pm and I have to say it did me the world of good. Also slept exceptionally well last night – put on two of the gorgeous, heavy wool blankets I found in one of the cupboards plus my hottie, so was well snug.

Also got rid of a heap of wind, which lightened things a bit! (Pardon my saying so). The food here is superior to Sandeepany’s I have to say. It is, however, a bit rich in oil and I suppose one has to readjust. Bloating abominable, so took a day off it yesterday and instead had one of my cuppa soups and noodles plus fruit. This plus the rest seemed to restore some inner balance and today am generally much improved. Not the hip, though. It’s really nagging at me and will just have to continue taking my time on the paths. There are just rather too many steps involved, sadly. My little bro’s have been fantastic however, carrying my bags and meal plates for me. Sunone has taken the camera and is getting to places I can’t for piccies. The place is alive with Lord’s wonderment. Just standing in one place for 10 minutes gives an abundance of viewing.

A couple of high-thinking days have just passed by. Here is a glimpse from my notes to give you an idea of what’s-a-happenin’ round here. (skip this if you are prone to air-sickness…)

Verse 6, then, undauntingly sets out to prove the all-pervasiveness of atma. As far as you think the sun and moon are, 'I' extend further - to the ends of the 'known' universe - and there is the crux of this matter. As long as it is known it is because it is illumined by Me, otherwise it does not exist. If you say Self is here only, then how can it be said to illuminate the cosmos? It would imply that the cosmos is making itself known therefore would make the inert conscious and Me inert also and that is clearly a ludicrous thought! Consciousness is not inert. I am consciousness. Thus everything that is not Me is illumined by me in order for it to be known. To overcome the sense that I am here only, requires us to understand the presence of consciousness without upadhis. Shruti (Brahma Gita) says, "on its own it cannot shine, this inert world; only connecting with consciousness can it shine - all inert things borrow my light, which is of the nature of consciousness".

OBJECTION! Jiva and Brahman as you say are one - but I still have difficulty in accepting that, at all, there is any Brahman!! To say these 3 limitations, (space time and object) are present and then to say Brahman is present within them all without being in any way affected by them is impossible - it must , like everything else, be conditioned by them and is therefore itself a false concept. I say so because time and space exist and as soon as two objects are present, one displacing the other, vastu paricchedha occurs, that is other objects surely manifest.

Response: No - please understand that all space time objects are SUPERIMPOSITION - your argument is still founded in delusion of the space-time continuum. Space itself is a superimposition. Pramana says "from that atman, space came"…

...But that shruti says it was 'born' which makes space an effect and this is not superimposition, but a result. With this limitation I say again there is no Brahman.

Then again I will establish that space IS superimposition………………...
(end skip)

Yes well, so it goes on… now couple this with Kamlesh rattling on about a recent theory of origin in particle physics that posits the rubbing together of two elements resulting in the ‘release of space’ (Higgs-Boson)… arè babrè, is science finally catching up with God?! I tell you again, science fiction has nothing on these sanskrit teachings. In Ramayana alone there are talking monkeys (the missing link?), flying rickshaws (helicopters?), brahmastras (nuclear weapons), engineering feats, communication between all creatures…

In our current life we base everything on experience – “taste it and see” – and for a large part of transactional living that is fine. But in terms of proof of spirit it has no basis and indeed can be misleading. We are inclined to experience, seek an explanation of that experience and then something to justify both the experience and the explanation. This often results in misinterpretation and indeed, can lead one completely away from the intended path.

Vedanta takes things the other way. Shruti, yukti, mukhti – means, the word that says this is the way of things, the logic which ratifies that and then the advocating of practices to make the theory into experience. This is what makes it the science of life.

Anyway, that’s enough of that for now or I’ll be alienating the audience! Suffice to say that one
"You doooo want to give me that
roti in your pocketses!"
is feeling the full immersion in THIS experience. Being surrounded by such peace and beauty is surely adding to it – don’t think I mentioned that the minute we arrived I was approached by a lovely little (mostly) Border Collie of red colour and pale eyes? She is resident here although not in the same way of Krishna and Kaneya. Very sweet and affectionate. Today also one of the gardener’s had brought their rambunctious and LARGE puppy (dalmation cross at a guess) who honed into yours truly all unsuspecting. Lovely beast, but needs some serious training about when to climb and when not. I managed to get him sitting in return for cuddles but really, was a bit surprised they were allowed to bring him on the premises. Nice to see a well-kept pet nonetheless. The local cat has also made himself known. Hey ho. This is part of one’s prarabdha (fate), no doubt.

During the days it gets comfortably warm, but boy does the temp drop when the sun hides. Have seen some spectacular sunrises and a couple of beaut sunsets. Certainly gets under the skin this place.


  1. Hari Om, Yam! Wowsers, these are big thoughts - "all space time objects are SUPERIMPOSITION"? Just wow. Maybe Poe had it right when he asked, "Is all we see or seem but a dream within a dream?". Or click here for my own home-spun theories. Thanks for sharing this =) Indigo x

  2. She's a beautiful dog, Yamini, and seems to trust you very much.
    Tried to concentrate on reading your post, but we're just back from a whirlwind trip to my 50-year high school graduation reunion after a slightly less whirlwind visit with my family on the west coast.
    Will attempt to read tomorrow. Is almost midnight here, my husband and dog are asleep, and I'm almost there, too, but I'm still at the computer.
    Nice to be home.
    Luv, K

  3. Hari OM
    Indigo - had a feeling you'd get into this! Vedanta is right down your street I sense - if you check back fully the post you've tagged here was one of the first in which I commented at your place!! There will be more... watch this 'space' &*>

    Kay - HELLO - welcome home!! 50 years reunion - eeek. Don't worry, this post does require some re-reading &*| Am building up to eventually getting the 'serious' blog up and running and this is a sign of things to come.

    Little Foxy is going to get a guest spot on Monday's post, so keep an eye open for that... Hugs, YAM xx


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