…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Monday is menosukhi day - the one in which I go all sentimental. For a while this means you are sharing my memories of two darling creatures, Jade Dog MacWoof and Jasper Cat MacMeow.

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Jade was getting wetter and wetter, inside and out, but that ball was her total focus and she was prepared to put up with all sorts of nonsense as long as it was getting thrown.

Knowing my 10 year old as I did, I can also say with a degree of truth that had she not at all been enjoying herself, even the ball wouldn't have enticed her back into the Big Wet; she would never admit it, but I could tell by her 'happy ears' that the discomforts of equipment-free snorkelling were minor compared to having the full attention of both mum and grandmum!

image copyrighted to Yamini Ali MacLean
At first she didn't get that my hand beneath her tummy was for assistance in balance in the water and she would just slide over it, ending up face submerged.

Of course, maybe she was inventing her own version of the water slide…?

image copyrighted to Yamini Ali MacLean
Over on the small jetty, birds were gathering to watch the spectacle.  Pelicans and gulls were cackling away as if saying, "Hey Prudence, will ya looky at that doggy?  I think it's trying to sink that ball…" 

"No Petunia, it's trying to herd the fish our way!"

image copyrighted Yamini Ali MacLean
Anyway, after some half an hour of all this, I got more determined myself and waded just a few inches deeper, where no chance of traction to paws from the sand was possible.  I admit at that point there was a look of absolute panic in Jade's eyes, but with lots of oohing and ahhing and "Good Girl" coming from both sides, she finally got all four paws water-borne! 

Oh what a moment.  It lasted all of 30 seconds as she managed a perfect round turn and paddled back to the shallows, but I treasure that as one of life's great memories.  I could no longer be accused of attempting death of dog by drowning!  

You can see how excited granny was!!!

I am ever grateful to my father for thinking to pick up my camera photograph the event. I leave you now with some final vision of this wonderful NON-water dog.

image copyrighted to Yamini Ali MacLean - Jade Dog MacWoof works out the doggy paddle!!!

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  1. This is wonderful, Yam. Lindy does not like to play with a ball. She likes toys that make noise, like her small squeaky toys, or her slightly-larger Biggy Piggy who grunts. She also has a toy rooster that squawks, and she will carry it in her mouth carefully so that it doesn't make that awful noise.
    So the only thing that would tempt her into deep water was food, which she grabbed and did an about-turn back to shore.
    I'm so glad your dad got these photos of Jade's swim. Our poor puppies, being made to swim despite their reluctance.
    Luv, K
    PS—This post doesn't come up on Bozo's page. It's a different subject entirely that's linked there.

  2. Totally sympathise with Jade's urge to get back ASAP to a solid four paws on the ground.
    Toodle pip!
    Ps Gail is hoping to hear more from Prudence and Petunia Pelican.

  3. Hari Om
    Kay - oh Jade had her fair share of squeakers also - it was interesting to find that when it came to going outside the house gates though, she wanted only the ball. Inside the gates, only the bat-toy or whichever was favourite of the week form the other toys would be chosen. I didn't get any say in it!!!

    Both Aitch and I have rechecked and the link to BOZO's page is working fur us, so not sure what happened your end, sorry.

    Bertie/Gail - Oh I think you and Jade would have been good pals, actually - she'd have adored climibing the odd monro or ten! (Hmmmm pelican postings? Will think about the for the TOO blog...) &*> xx

  4. Love this story. And loved Jade dog too.

  5. Hari Om, Yam! Oooh, I love a good pooch tale! =) And as you say, fantastic to have it recorded for posterity! Indigo x

  6. Hari OM
    Mahal - <3

    Indigo - I had no idea he had done it until I unloaded the rest of the pix from our day out - lovely surprise! If you like doggy tales, do try the Canine Chronicles over at My Take TOO. xx


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