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Monday is menosukhi day - the one in which I go all sentimental...... An interruption to regular services as we make a special presentation...

Bouncing Bertie's Battle Bonnet!

Darling Blog-dog Bertie - or more specifically, his attendant Gail - put out an emergency call for protective wear due to an impending geological field trip to the Isle Of Skye.

YAM-aunty could not resist the challenge!

It must be said in my defence, for those who may have missed the fact, I live on an ashram, resources are limited and I lacked a live model.  The fact that I was cackling to myself the whole time may have had the passers-by beneath my window a wee bitty concerned.  That a neighbour knocked on the door and looked enquiringly at the scissors and all the bits of cardboard which had flown on the floor, without actually enquiring as to my mental health, speaks volumes for the tolerance of difference around here...

Having struggled with what to do, on Saturday arvo I had a 'flash'.  No, not MENO, inspiration. Twinings tea-box.  Or course.  Only class product for our Bertie.  Now, in further defence, young Bertie's measurements were an unknown factor.

So all-in-all this depiction is of a highly imaginative and speculative nature.

Ingredients for head-wear;  1 tea-box of the 25 bags variety.  An equivalent size sheet of bubble-wrap. Sticky tape and/or glue.  Laces were to be included.  However they are absent from this presentation. MENO put them somewhere 'safe'.  Also forgot that the hole punch is back in Australia (only a two year lapse on that one...)  But these photos should be sufficient to show the design - clearly locations of shaping and trimming is dependent on the individual.  Speak to your tailor, Bertie-lad.

Good luck Gail!

It goes without saying that had YAM been thinking instead of cackling, this would have been white-side-up - thus decoration of a more sartorial nature could have been applied; strip of chequered cloth, for example, or perhaps a stripe or two.  Or painted shiny green to match the team.

Baby Unisex Booties
image obtained from matalan.com.uk
There was the concern as to tender paws.  Could I offer this as a solution?

My thanks to Damian the Dobermann Stuffie and his keyring pal, Hettie the Hielan' Coo, without whose services this would have been entirely boring.

Menosukhi will return to normal signal next Monday.

Meanwhile, you might like to pay Bertie a visit (that's him over on the side bar or linked above) -  and don't forget darling BOZO!  Check out Monday's Critters and hop over to read a word or TOO…

YAM xx   @~)


  1. Oh wow that is most impressive! So practical. Yes I think we have a strong contender here for Bertie's Bonnet! This use of bubblewrap is particularly ingenious - light yet surely affording excellent protection against at leasy the smaller rocks.
    Next weekend I shall be testing out some of the proposed designs and shall be posting about the results and linking to all the blogs who have taken part.
    Thanks again for being such a good sport.
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Am just back from three days at my internet free Torridon cottage, so am behind with my blog reading.

  2. Hari Om
    Cheers, Gail - YAMs enthusiasm outweighed her resources but it was fun! I look forward to the update your end. Oh and I do envy you your Torridon retreat! xx

  3. Well I must say you are very creative.

  4. Hari OM
    HAH! - in writing maybe!! &*>

  5. There are a couple of questions floating about, but the most persistant one I have: is it a 25 teabags with or without string box? That is important to know of course. And if they had strings, couldn't you have used those instead of laces?

    Other than that I just want to say you are doing very well. Keep it up!

  6. Hari Om
    HAH_HAH_HAH! Oh Mara darlin' where were you when I needed you??! Of course there were strings - but the bags had long gone by this time - but of course there was the replacement box over by the kettle.... &*>

  7. A “classic” design perfected to a "tea" - we also think your use of bubble wrap is ingenious.

    Riley (and his human)

  8. Hari OM
    G'day Riley and thankz for the 'taking of the tea'!!! All excellent fun I think you will agree? Hope your's wins though; fabby idea. xx


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