…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Monday is menosukhi day - the one in which I go all sentimental. For a while this means you are sharing my memories of two darling creatures, Jade Dog MacWoof and Jasper Cat MacMeow.

There are not too many stories remaining that are specific to the J's and their antics.  As they aged, they settled into a lovely little pattern, as long-term partners do, shifting around each other, taking turns at being closest to mum.  Sometimes just all cuddling in together. 

They also, being both of a highly affectionate nature, were inclined to seek cuddles and rubs from just about anyone who walked in the door.

Jade loved all my connections, but it has to be said that she definitely picked the men in the room, if such were available.  I would tell her there was a name for such women.

Jasper was just an out-and-out slut.  Anyone would do for him as long as there was a shoulder on offer and a full-body massage!

Some of the finest moments of their closing years was watching the affection they had for each other.  When it came to settling down time, they were rarely apart.   If Jasper went absent for long - which he occasionally did, but rarely for more than one night - Jade would fret and snuggle closer to me.

There's not much one can say about all that really.  The pictures tell their story.
(All images copyright to Yamini Ali MacLean)

Tomorrow for the Less Speak More Peek linky there will be a display of other poses.

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  1. Love these photos, especially the one with Jasper in the flower pot.

  2. Jasper looks very comfy in the flower pot, but even more comfortable sleeping near Jade. The look on Jasper's face while he's sleeping is absolutely angelic, Yam.
    This post reminds me of the happy days when I had The Dreaded Ninja Puppy, my cat Herman and Herman's cat Ava (as a kitten, she was a gift for Hermie's birthday).
    They had very definite ideas of time-for-bed and if I decided to watch something late on TV, the three of them sat on the floor in front of me, giving me the evil eye until I gave up and went to bed.

  3. Perfect. No words are necessary when you have piccies like these.

  4. Hari Om Yam! These are lovely photos; Jasper MacM looks a right scamp. And yes, surprising and warming to see that affection between natural enemies. There's hope for us all. Indigo x

  5. Hari Om
    LV - That pot was far and away their fave possie in the garden and I have quite a few piccies of them here. I gave up trying to grow anything decent there. It just became Jasper's snooze patch!

    Kay - Oh yes, now you mention, the J's could do that to me too - but more often than not they would just disappear and guess where I'd find them.... check next week's post!!

    Mahal - that one with you and Jassie is a favourite foto of mine, given the honour he was being granted!

    Indigo - There is ALWAYS hope, mate! and yes, Jazz was all butter, no melt &*>

  6. Beautiful photos of contented pets. Bertie loves a cuddle and happily does not think that he is too big to be a lap dog!

  7. Hari OM
    aahhh, there's nothing like a little canine canoodle!!


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