'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menogitated [men-awe-jshit-ated]; the condition of being in a lather.

What kind of lather, you may ask.. (and if not, I'm asking on your behalf). 

The sort that says one too many things to think about all at the same time and having that slight feeling that control is slipping.  Regulars will know that am in a position of transition this month.  Yesterday was 'deeksha' day - graduation from two, VERY intense study years.  However, one is left a bit up in the air - limbo - anticlimaxed.  Why?

Because we are still in study mode.  The final text is under way and as our teacher is pedantic in his exegesis and hermeneutics and even more so in respect to interpreting Sanskrit, we are running overtime.

That's rather good in a way.  It means thoroughness of a standard that will ensure we will, in fact, know what we are talking about when it is our turn.

For 61 students who are exhausted and keen to move into the next phase, however, it is somewhat disorienting.  We not only have to focus totally three or four times a day in the lecture, but revise and summarise before the next one.  In between there is still the sadhana (personal daily devotions), the production of our end-of-batch publication ….(and guess who is one of the editors?  I volunteered.  Just call me Wild "B****y Stupid" YAM)…  as well as organise our departure needs.  My ticket out of India at least is booked, but still have to organise all the packing and as mentioned on Friday's post, the number of books is daunting now that we have been told we have to list them.  Fully.  Including cost.  Which we didn't pay and anyway the books are used.  An example of the Indian Customs love of bureaucratic overkill …

Housework and laundry still have to be attended and I confess mine is falling behind.  In India that is dire.

I still need to sit down and recoup, refresh and unfry my brain.  Hence I still manage to get SOMETHING out every day to you…. (Thanks to Perpetua-ji for her concern on this!) It is keeping me sane.

But it's very humid at this point in the season, where monsoon tries to leave and the sun return;  it only takes half a dozen movements to be covered in slickery skin.  Hence the lather reference.  I was being literal as well!

(..............cripes! Reminder to YAM - do not go searching Go Ogle for "images of hot and sweaty women"...  I said DON'T.)


Sorry.  But it gave me something to rant about   &*>  Now for some pictorial impressions of the state of YAM.

Google images

Google images


  1. Hari Om
    HAH! Thanks my friend - need all the support I can get - even ethereal!!

  2. Oh, no, listing all the books—that alone could be a full-time occupation, what with having to assign a value to each one to keep the bureaucrats happy, when we all know a happy bureaucrat is an oxymoron. I have a question—you have booked your ticket out of India, but from India to where? Oz, I'm assuming, but that's just a guess-assume.
    Hope you make it through. You must be cussing whatever impulse had you volunteering for the editing job.
    Tired is NOT a state of mind. I suffer from complete physical exhaustion daily, caused by chronic pain and unrefreshing sleep, i.e. Fibromyalgia. Since 1984 or perhaps even earlier.
    Do not overwork yourself until you are in a similar state of pain and fatigue.
    Kay and Lindy

  3. A lather? I'd be in a coma of exhaustion if I had all that to cope with, Yam. Praying for strength and calmness for you for these last weeks before departure. Pxxx

  4. Hari OM
    Perpetuaji, that's possibly the case here - working at zombie level! Realised on rereading just now (thanks to your kind comment) that I was a day behind myself an deeksha was actually the day before stated - then I had intended linking you in... forgive the tardiness.

    Am working on adrenaline I think as there seems to be a boost of activity I didn't know I was capable of even at the start of the week. As I type it is heading to 1am and am onto the fourth box of packing...........ran out of tape. What a shame. &*> Cuppa tea and some cheesy biccies anyone? xx


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