…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menonimical [men-oh-nomi-cul]; the condition of misnaming

I have written on a couple of occasions about trips out of the ashram on bone rattling buses… maybe not here - perhaps over at MY TAKE… not sure now.  Menosoup.

Anyway, Indian buses are interesting things.  They are everything I suppose you get on buses anywhere in the world.  But they come with Indian drivers.  I have not quite worked out the relationship drivers have with their vehicles.  They do appear to argue with them a lot though.  Or with other buses on the way.  It's a great experience.  Not for the weak and wobbly.

Not all buses are like this.

(needless to say I have raided Go Ogle for the images)

Some are like this.

Others are arriving which look like this.

Why am I going on about buses?  Well, firstly I needed something fast to post today - 'cos I nearly forgot!  Second, new blog-pal Mara is a bus driver and I am a wee bit envious as it is one of the things I always wanted to have a go at - the biggest thing I have driven is a one tonne truck.  It's whole different world.  Third, I was looking out my window this evening and burst into giggles.  I'll tell you why soon.

One of the things that Indians love to do is name their trucks, buses, autos and even their personal cars.  Mostly with various names of the Lord; Sri Ram, Shiv-ji Bhagwan, Hari Om, Kali-ma and so on.  There are those who show different affiliation.  St Ignatius, Mary Mother, Baptista.  You get the idea.  Very occasionally there will be characters from the famous puranas (religious stories such as the Mahabharata); Bheema, Arjuna, Drona and so on.

So imagine my surprise this evening when I saw 'George" driving by.


Who names their bus 'George'?


Not least in India?!!!

Anybody have any insight as to the inspirational source of 'George'?  Has sainthood slipped somewhere?  Or is this a latent George Michael fan?  Boy George maybe? 

This may remain a mystery.

But at least I filled a page…  why not go visit Mara on her Norwegian blog?  She might have more on offer!!  Till tomorrow maties.  &*>


  1. Could be named after George dubya, or the new Royal baby George , or who knows. Got me curious.

  2. Hmmm, well since I not be from India then I has no idea why. Howevers, why they not name it PUDDLES?????

    I thinks I would likes to drive a bus...my mum says I is not a good driver but she ain't too bright anyways.


  3. Oh, I hope Mara knows you blogged about her, and envy her occupation! Wonderful.
    My parents sometimes named their cars, so I did, too. I had one named Pinky. Then, when I moved from BC to Alberta, I gave the Pinky-car to my parents, so that one came pre-named.
    But I must admit I've never seen a bus named George. I'm guessing, as it is an Indian bus, it was probably named after George Harrison, who loved India.
    PS—There are some pretty wild drivers in Europe, we've discovered.

  4. Hari OM
    Mahal - these are as much contenders as my choices anyway...

    Puddles - Well exactly!! Given the recent monsoon, that would have been very much in keeping. Remind to watch out for Doxie Drivers though...

    Kay - Oh course many folks DO name there vehicles on a personal basis. But not usually emblazoned all over the front windscreen for the rest of humanity to judge it by!

    Harrison...yes I forgot him; good choice. I agree that Euro drivers have a very different sense of 'road rules'! ...as a matter of sheer curiosity was your next car called Perky???

  5. Hari Om

    By George!
    Generally in India vehicles are named after the owners' near and dear ones as a dedication.
    Sometime back there was also a story on how these names are agreed upon between representatives of road transport authorities and the transporters to assure a safe passage through the licencing maze. :)

  6. Hari Om
    Deepak-ji!! Brilliant - thank you. I knew there had to a logic behind it &*>..... but George still stands out in the crowd!! #-}

  7. I have never named a bus in my life! Perhaps I am not religious enough. And George at first seemed a bit far-fetched. But then: inspiration: what about George Harrison of the Beatles. Didn't they do some Indian religion (real or otherwise) for a while? It could be a huge Beatles fan who named that bus!

    PS: I am so glad we don't have buses like the one on top. Or the bike-bus for that matter! I do prefer the third version and have driven one similar to that for quite a few years. Good times!

  8. Oh, Kay and I had the same idea! How fun!!

  9. Scotland is going to seem very dull after this, Yam. :-)

    I don't know how you manage to blog every day. I've never even tried to do that and now find that once or twice a week is the limit of my inspiration. Ah, the ageing brain.....

  10. Hari Om
    Oh it might Perpetua - but the arrival of a sari-wearing, Aussie-accented returned Scot is likely to liven the place a wee bit ... &*>

    Until now the blogging has been no trouble - but we are a bit under the hammer on this last little 'gasp'.. things could get erratic - - - -


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