Menofilcher - another sift through the webbly

Apologies for again putting in a "Filler" filched from our wonderful friend, the internet - more specifically, good ol' Go Ogle… it really lives up to its moniker!!

Reason being that , despite there being less than 21 days to completion of course, we are actually doing more now than ever and Acharya-ji has asked some extras of us also.  In other words, no time to scratch…….anything.  I'll manage something by tomorrow. I pray.  Meanwhile, do please enjoy this selection.

"Please sir, just one nut - only one...."



Mahal Selvadurai said...

Love it. Take care. Me got the flu, bu got to keep going.

Kay L. Davies said...

No apologies necessary. The last three weeks would be hectic by definition, I should think.
Do NOT overdo. DO take care of yourself.
Hugs, K

Merlesworld said...

Very funny, I like the branch manager and his assistant and the furry donut I found a few furries under the beds.

Mara said...

Oh, that furry donut is so lovely! And that it is being carried by a cat is even better!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Mahal - remember; if you're still standing or even thinking of it, then it is NOT influenza, just a mimic. Mimics are often comics. So it's all just a laugh.... and that's the best medicine. &*> xx

Kay - phew - ta!!.. oh errr. too late on the last bit...

Merle - yes the Branch one is very clever - but that last one is just me in disguise!!!

Mara - oh yeah &*>

Pearl said...


Today was a perfect day for me to see these! Thank you!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
and welcome Pearl ... glad it brightened a spot for ya!!