…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menorspective [men-orse-pect-if]; the condition of review

Review what?  Well it struck me that this is the six-month anniversary of the blogs!  Am a bit flabbergasted to be honest.  It all began as a simple stress relief with TAKE and YAMandala (which are, strictly speaking, 2 weeks older).  Then Blogton reached out and grabbed me solidly, demanding written works hence the launch of MENO/Wild YAM and TOO on March 1st.

Why review after such a short time?  Because, quite frankly, I didn't expect to still be here!!!

But in surprisingly short time folk started hooking up - numbers are still modest but hey, I'm a baby here - and I in turn got hooked.  I have been honoured to 'meet' some truly lovely folks as well as finding that for one or two at least, I make a difference to their day.

That's enough for me.  If it grows all well and good, but it is equally important to remember these are my 'processing' tools; a way of releasing some of the pent up creativity and share a bit of where I have been, what's happening now and to workshop what might be.  It has been just the right thing to really kick-start a writing discipline which had been rather haphazard throughout life.  This means it does, on occasions, feel a tad like hard work.  That's the point though.  Anyone seriously intending to write something that will perhaps make some impact on a few folks and even, potentially, (gulp, settle, I said p-o-t-e-n-t-i-a-l-l-y!) earn a bob or two, must at the very least have a regular habit.

Sports people on the whole don't mope around doing everything but the sport they love and then go out one day, jump on the bike or skis, and rank in the top ten. 

No.  It's a long, hard slog and the majority simply remain 'local'.  Nothing at all wrong in 'local'.    In Blog terms it is becoming apparent this means forming one's own little 'hamlet', a community of communicators with like minds, similar tastes. 

That you, dear reader, may reside geographically half a globe away matters not a jot.  Blog space is intimate space.  We are as close as speed of service will allow.

I am still very much in learning mode.  Mainly because of the restriction of time… to do some of the stuff I think I need to do properly will take way more than my average 2 hours per day online.  I'll get to it, but right now it's still a bit cobbled together and 'learn as I go'.  For example; one or two of you may have noted the 'button' over left for the Tuesday Linky I've started (Less Speak More Peek).  Clearly the code is working sufficiently to have brought the button on board.  BUT WHERE'S THE CODE ITSELF?  Have been trying to resolve this but right at the moment it's in the too hard basket.  … ANY IDEAS FOLKS???  Then there's the use of pages. I have managed the ones you see here, which are plain and simple.  But I would like to get way more technical with them.

It has been interesting to see what is most popular.  Obviously the Linky day brings in lots of views, but what will make that worth the work is the number of comments and the possible netting of one or two more followers.  Outside of that, TheGreat OZ Adventure has done well as have, a little surprisingly, last Sunday's 'announcement' post and the recent Meno-morium… though am willing to concede that perhaps that is quite likely repeat viewings by interested parties.  Not something one can assess in current statistical information.

The Menolyrical posts have also been quite well visited - the midnight rantings over the typie-chatter-boxie thingo between Aitch and myself.  Clearly the slightly weird has appeal...(Haven't had one of those in a while.  Better have a search and see what I can find for you all!)

From my side, it has been the most amazing adventure visiting so many diverse and interesting places.  Not all of them I can or wish to hang around, but my list is growing!!  Pet blogging (mainly dogs of course) is a firm favourite and no doubt - eventually - I will succumb and have another dog (or two), therefore becoming a legitimate member of that community.  Currently I simply hold 'aunty' status!  But that's cool.  Jade and Jasper as well as the Ashram Dogs (tales on TOO) have given me the pass for that. As well as my close relationship with the dowager Lady Victoria Bircham Barker of the Baylham Bircham Dachsie Barkers...... 8\*)

Thus, here I am looking forward to what I hope is a long and growing acquaintance, building different types of bonds and, in due course, adding to my output such that I can fulfill some of what was hinted at last week.

Wishing all my fellow bloggers a Happy September First.  Be strong.  Be creative. Be productive.  Be joyful. Be meaningful. Be blessed.

...and do check on me now and then to ensure I 'm living up to my own list!!!

Hugs and Love with the capital 'ell'   YAM xxx


  1. It's still August here, m'dear, which means I was able to sneak an application for a pain management clinic into the hospital via my husband's fax machine, they having not yet graduated to online applications.
    You are doing wonderfully well with your blog for only six months. Mine started out as a place to showcase a book I was writing (how an unfit female follows her husband on hi many travels) but became my personal fun place, where I write poetry and post photos (most of them taken by Himself, who has developed quite an eye since my eyes have both had cataracts grow and be surgically removed).
    Also, as mentioned, a Pet Place, where our Lindy is loved worldwide.
    Dick and I have also gained friends worldwide, some of whom we have met in person, one of whom came to Alberta and did a bit of hiking in the Rockies with Lindy and myownself.
    One we haven't yet met has sent photos of a lovely British town including a chippy named Kay's where he has offered us lunch if/when we visit.
    One Aussie I haven't met has disappeared from blogging and, I fear, has gone the way of all good things, as she was 80+. Another, also in Oz, has disappeared as well, and I am hoping she is still alive, but when we met in Paris a few years ago her health wasn't great.
    So the blogosphere is like any other place. There are people we "see" often, some we see seldom, some we love, some we lose.
    I hope not to lose you.
    Love, K

  2. Hari OM
    Oh Kay you are a darling and I know I have made a firm friend!!! I have no doubt at all that we are destined to meet in person, which is one of the lovely, tantalising things about this medium. Lindy is adorable - please give her a big Sunday hug for me. xx

  3. Your doing a fine job. Meno and all. Keep it up.

  4. Six months! Congratulations.

    I stopped looking at which posts are most popular, although I can steer it somewhat. If it's a post I think more people should see, I just post about it on Facebook and the numbers go flying up! Especially the one about me in love got a lot of hits.
    Of course linking up to a meme also helps a lot and I know several of my regular followers came from that source!

  5. Hari OM
    Mahal - cheers!

    Mara - these are not so much the 'popular' posts in terms of numbers, but rather the comments that were generated.. it gives me firm clues as to what is being most enjoyed or will get folks to participate - things are def on the improve in that regard!!

    I agree using other media for 'advertising' is a good idea - have only just begun utilising G+ properly and has made a distinct difference - as has the Tuesday Linky. thanks for the pointers and support - much appreciated! xx

  6. Oh, Yam, I see you know Mara. I've met Mara three times now, the first time when we went on a Netherlands and Belgium cruise. She met us at the dock in Amsterdam, we parked our luggage in a locker at the train station, then went out for a lovely lunch. Then we picked up our luggage and the three of us got on the train, with Mara making sure we got off at the airport to come home.
    Then she came to Canada and toured a bit in the Rockies and the Badlands with me and Lindy.
    The next time we did a cruise out of Amsterdam, Mara and another blogging friend, Wil, from Kinderdijk, met us at the airport and we all went to the dock, where we gave them a tour of the ship.
    Mara had hoped to move to Canada, but there were no jobs available, so she emigrated to Norway instead soon after our last visit to the Netherlands.
    Blogging friends can definitely become real friends, there is no doubt about that.
    Luv, K

  7. You're definitely hooked, Yam. :-) Blogging is SO addictive and enjoyable and fulfilling. I started two and a half years ago, was immediately captivated by it and remain so to this day. I have met so many lovely people online and a couple of them in the flesh and can testify that the friendships through blogging generated are real and deep.

    Here's to the next months and years of the Meno blogs.

  8. Hari Om, Yam! I've seen a cross section of your entries, as I tend to only read blogs on Sundays. I've probably not seen any of your Tuesday Peeks =) I'll scribble it in my diary... Keep at it, I enjoy my visits here! Indigo x

  9. Hari OM
    Kay - yes I went and 'introduced' myself to Mara after your post about us last month - I have a number of Dutch connections so I was delighted to make another!

    Perpetua - Thank you for becoming one of the 'steady' crew, your warm support means much.

    Indigo - ...&*> xxx


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