'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Monday is menosukhi day - the one in which I go all sentimental. For a while this means you are sharing my memories of two darling creatures, Jade Dog MacWoof and Jasper Cat MacMeow.


Jade never rode in a vehicle until she was nearly eight years old.  Even when it came to moving from no. 36 to 21a, we walked.   What might have been a mere 40 minute jaunt turned into a two hour hike as it was wonderful new sniffing territory with new folks and pups to meet and all sorts of nonsense.

Lucky I packed a picnic.

Once at 21a, there came a time when I needed to hire a vehicle.  It was for a few days only but the parking of this thing in the driveway caused immense excitement.  Jasper of course was the first one in - and under.  Jade sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. Then it was one paw in and one paw out.  Then swap them round.  Eventually, both front paws were on the sill as the steering wheel was investigated.

I was curious to know how she would be, so decided to drive her to a new park, just for the heck of it.  She anyway had the form of brace with tab for strapping doggies into safety belts (a much kinder form of leashing system, whereby dogs are not inclined to choke themselves).  By putting the "bra" on (she knew it as that!) there was an immediate understanding of an outing of course.  What was different for her then, was my then getting into the car.  I had left the back door open and waited for her to decide if she wanted to be inside.  It took about 30 seconds.

No way was she going to risk being left behind!  I then strapped her in and off we went.  All of 10 minutes, that first ride.  Next day when I repeated the procedure she was in the car before me.  Quick learner.

Thus when a car was again hired the following year, the old dog didn't need reminding.  Neither, indeed, was the donning of the "bra" necessary to encourage entry to the vehicle.  Four wheels parked on driveways could only mean good things as far as Jade Dog was concerned.

There were maybe five or six such events.  Then came the big tester.  When Mac2 came to visit from the UK, a major trip was organised up into the mid-regions of NSW.  Remote and rural.  Well!  The excitement when the cases were being packed and the J-bed got put in the back seat…  Jasper was less impressed, but Uncle Gee was going to tend to him.  He decided to go visit over there instead.

Jade went well until we hit the two hour mark.  There came a point where I looked over my shoulder thinking all had gone awfully quiet and this is what I saw.
copyright to Yamini Ali MacLean

If a dog could look green about the gills, it was Jade at that moment.  The head came up as she sensed my gaze and there was a distinct appeal in the eyes.  "Ma, are we getting out of here anytime soon?"  I tried not to laugh.  It was funny though.

We found a nice place and had a picnic.  Getting Jade back in the car was surprisingly easy - I had felt that we might have over-pressed the joyful part of journeying!  The half hour in the fresh and some refreshment helped her forget and off we went again.  Mac2 and I agreed that we would stop each hour for five minutes to make it easier for her - and it meant it was better for us too.  The trip itself to Woko was thus thoroughly enjoyable. 

Here are a few more piccies of that trip.  

copyright to Yamini Ali MacLean 
copyright to Yamini Ali MacLean

copyright to Yamini Ali MacLean

Next week you can read about our stay in this gorgeous part of Australia.  Jade had her first and only stay away from home - and she lluurrvveedd it!!!


  1. Auntie Yam, I love going in the car too, it is best when I see my bag coming out of the cupboard and I know I am going with mum. On a long journey we always stop every couple of hours, which is good for me to have a little walk and for mum too. We are looking forward to hearing more about the trip next time. Lady Vicki xxooxx

  2. Hari OM
    so glad you enjoyed this LV - Jade got up to all sorts of new things up there. Wait till you see!xx

  3. What a lovely photo from poor suffering Jade on the back seat. I'm sure the adventure of the vacation was worth the ride in the car for her.

  4. You were so lucky most of our animals over the years have not loved the car, maybe it reminds them of going to the vets.

  5. Me and car rides don't go together very well. I tend to toss my cookies when I ride in the car. I can't wait to hear more about your trip.

  6. Jade was obviously a natural in the matter of travelling. Fortunate for both her and you.
    Bertie and I operate a 'drive for two hours then stop for 15 minutes' rota, which seems to work well for both of us.
    Cheers, Gail.

  7. Hari Om
    Pia - oh it was as you will see next week!
    Merle - ah, yes another friend has that particular issue &<
    Taffy - oh dear, travel sickness is not fun eh?
    Bertie/Gail - well done that sounds about right; clearly Jade thought two hours was more than sufficient - but she never bothered much after that, even on the return journey.


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