…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menotra (men-oh-tra); the yatra you have during the meno years

Hari Om

Am typing this up in OneNote in anticipation of at a some time obtaining a decent etherwobble connection.  If I don't get the finish of the yatra story out of the way, how will I ever get onto telling you the state of play in OZ????  Thank you all for understanding and patience  &*>

You were left hanging on a blog-edge waiting for the final morning piccies and how the mountains displayed their glory. 

Weren't you?

You're getting them even if not!! Way to fabulous to keep to ourselves. 

If you pop over to this MY TAKE entry, you will have an idea of the very first rays of the morning and it just got better as you see.  It does not take long for the damp in the ground to warm up and rise, first as mist then as cloud.  At one point it formed this lovely veil behind the ashram rose bushes
This was all before brekky!  Immediately after brekky we paid our respects to the mandir and ashram as a whole, then at 11am Vipin came to collect and transport us to Kangra/Gaggal Airport.  The dear fellow took us on the 'country' drive route as much as possible and in no hurry so that we could fully appreciate the beauty around us.
 We had become fond of our driver/photographer/guide and took his details.  We would certainly seek his services again (and if any one is going there, ask me for his number!)

Kangra Airport may be small, but it is jolly well organised and we underwent the most thorough security check there, even compared to international.  Good people doing their job well and with a level of courtesy often missing.  They had to be thorough.  We had a bag-lady with us and who knew what she might be carrying?!  Once again we boarded the ATR 42, our Sardar-ji pilot proving that 'proper' flying is still a skill and we had the best take-off and landing.  Here are some shots to make you feel like you are there….

Those are just the Dharamshala to Delhi ones.  Next post (note I am not committing myself!) will be the final, which is more about the sights than the story… worth the visit though!

(If I have succeeded, you willl be reading this as a 17th Oct post, albeit late in the day.  This means that there will be posts up at least until Sunday, 'cos am getting organised ahead of time!!!)


  1. It is still, for a few minutes more, October 16 in western Canada. Tricky how you do that, posting back in time.
    The first four photos are wonderful. Something in me likes the fourth one best, and it's not that I don't like mountains and roses. I grew up with mountains, and I've always loved roses.
    Looking forward to hearing about Oz, too.
    Luv, K
    and a snore from Lindy who is asleep on the floor behind me.

  2. In go go gos defence she is carrying my orange back pack. I must have been visiting the services.
    The orange shawl, I purchased in Singapore, looks quite good eh? So shopping started in Singapore. Wink wink.

  3. Some pictures very funny, I like to see their aerial shots!

  4. How I envy those who travel! My husband i snot interested -- being afraid of planes! -- so perhaps I shall have to start traveling myself?!



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