'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menotra (men-oh-tra); the yatra you have during the meno years

The final holiday post of our trip to the mountains - but tomorrow there will be one special Menorise piccie…

At Delhi Airport we had time between connections to enjoy the ambiance.  It is a shiny place full of interesting features and I am wondering if it isn't owned and run by British interests, for the announcements were in English (as in London accent) and English-accented Hindi, plus many of the retail outlets and food points were of distinctly British origin!  Plenty of top-end Indian stuff too of course.  Needless to say Emm couldn't help herself… (don't fret she knows by now she's the source of much mirth!)  Have to admit I was not entirely immune, as I found one small Nandi murti (bull statue) which I was most happy to add to my bag.

Here are some of the artworks to be found in the large and airy halls.

We had time for a meal before boarding the Air India Boeing777-300 which was in international flight.  It has arrived from New York and was terminating in Mumbai.  We virtually had the craft to ourselves - poor quality photo and first time using one of the 'trick' modes on the 'Nik', but it gives you an idea. 

As we came into Mumbai, the sun was setting and there were many storm clouds about.  This gave spectacular sky views.  Here is something to whet your appetite and do please keep an eye on the SUNday posts over at MY TAKE for a whole series of them. Thank you for 'watching'!  Tomorrow is the regular Menorise slot and Sunday, I tell you the tale of travel to the Land Down Under… (oh yes, you might guess it was not smooth runnings…)


  1. The shop that caught my eye is called episode. Check out their website on www.episode.com
    They have quality products, at reasonable prices, and what is more the staff at the airport store were really nice. But I found most Indian shops to be helpful. Everyone shops but a laugh is had at my expense. That is fine, I have broad shoulders. I had so many people that I had to buy gifts for. That is my excuse and sticking to it. Have a great day folks. You might get a glamour shot of me in saree, as we have to attend a wedding today.

  2. Those elephants are wonderful those seats on the plane look comfortable too.
    My friend went to India last year she was enthralled with the place so different.


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