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Menoffagainorrhea [me-noff-again-or-rhea]; the condition of the endless traveller

The day arrived.  30th November, to be precise.  Lady Vicki watched warily as YAM-aunty carted her cases down the stairs again and packed everything into the car along with Aitch's.  She wasn't overly worried, though, because her bed got packed too!!

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean
She was so impressed she was getting taken along that Aitch and I were allowed to man-handle her and cut off some of the clogged fur under her elbows.  It added spring to her step, but it may have contributed to the lack of 'trim' when flying...

Anyway, once things had been loaded up there were a few details still to be attended and she started to ask the question.  "Are we leaving yet??!!"

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

She kept heading up the path then turning back when she realised we were not following her lead!

It wasn't long before we did though and then it was all motorways...

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

...and 'pit-stops'...

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

'...huh!  call this grass?  Mud-sprouts more like...'

It wasn't far from here though that we finally hit the greater spread of Nottingham and the once-village-now-suburb of Beeston.  This is where Mac2 and Mac3 have their homes; within 10 minutes walk of each other as it happens.

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

This is Mac3 standing proudly, king of his particular castle!

Quite right too.  He has made a wonderful home here.

Do not let the bright sun and blue skies fool you; it was 3pm and around 4'C as we stood there!!!

For reasons that elude me, I did not take a full-frontal shot of Mac2's place.  It is very similar, though one bedroom less...and has a stair that causes nose-bleeds due to it's ladder-like construction!

Aitch and LV stayed barely two hours, sharing lunch and remembrances, before heading back to Ipswich.  I had only the one night here.  On December 1st, Mac2 and I were to drive up to Edinburgh...


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  2. Lindy understands Lady Vicki's excitement. A car ride of any length whatever is much better than whatever is in second place.
    Glad you got to visit with Mac3 before you and Mac2 headed for Edinburgh.
    Luv, K
    (oops, made a typo, had to copy, then delete, paste, correct, post again)

  3. Aw, Lady Vicki is such a pretty girl. She does seem a tad confused about the loaded car and no immediate travel.

    You are one very busy traveler these days.

  4. How very nice to make Lady Vicki's acquaintance properly. :-) I'm glad the weather was bright for your journey, even if warm would have been asking too much.

  5. I agree that grass is not much to look at. I hope Lady Vicki finds better grass in Edinburgh.



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