'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosukhi Monday - wherein lies some sentimentality

Guest post from Lady Vicki...

Mum and YAM-aunty are nuts.  Brazilian, Macadamian Hazelnuts I tell you.  Who in their right mind, after all, is going to go chasing little plastic containers half-way up yew trees?

Huh?  Huh?

The only good idea they had that day was taking me with them.  Well I thought so to start with. Firstly I noted that my bed got taken out the kitchen door.  That is top signal for toileting and wriggling and ensuring my ears are in good shape.

copyright YAM-aunty
Once I stuck my nose out the door, there were some second thoughts taking place. It was none too hot out there.

Never mind.  Mum was going out and I was getting to go along, so let's not worry about frosty-paw.  Once in the car, I sniffed around and made circles and whimpered. (Better to show a bit of excitement, so as to encourage more such trips!)

Next thing I knew though, they were traipsing around in circles staring into a thingy which looked like a mobile telephone but clearly did not give them nearly as much information. Mum gave it to YAM-aunty, who stood on the spot and did 360' pirouettes; then she handed it back to mum who did her 360' spin.  It was like watching a ballet.  

Only with two blimps.

Finally they stuck to a straight line.  UP A HILL!  I do not do hills.  No fun at all for aging, leg-challenged doglets.  I tried several times to engage the lead with a pole or three, but mum just unwound it and kept pulling me up that darn slope.

At last we came to the place they seemed to be heading for.  A church yard.  Now we were talking.  Plenty of sniffing to get done here.  Mum went off to get the car and aunty and I soaked up the sun.  I sniffed. Aunty kept pointing her big-eye thingy at stuffs.  Daft stuffs. Like stones and woods.  See.....

copyright YAM-aunty

copyright YAM-aunty

I ask you, what about me???  Oh this next one is better.

copyright YAM-aunty
This is me and mum checking out a clue. Mind you, we had different ideas of which direction it was in...

Anyways; after this aunty didn't take any more shots with her big-eye thingy because they were both busy climbing the yew tree over by the yard wall. They spent 87 hours thrashing and scrabbling and pulling and shaking and peering and mumbling.

Whatever it was, it is still there. Laughing at them.

They gave up and went inside the church.  I liked it in there.  Some decorations had been put on the floor round a table and was the perfect thing for me to play with.  For some reason though, mum and aunty thought this was a wrong assumption on my part...

copyright YAM-aunty
So I began counting squares instead.  I tried to walk only on the orange ones.  That way I blended into the floor.

Stealth dog.

Ahem.  Anyways, aunty was busy with the big-eye thingy all round the place inside now. I guess she'll show you some of those soon.  Admittedly, it was good to see some fellow creatures being depicted on the cheerful windows.

copyright YAM-aunty
Then, as we went outside, mum turned around and aunty caught her looking at her own shadow.  There were mutterings about slender and sleek and other such nonsense. Or even, who's shadow it was...

copyright YAM-aunty

Tsk.  Two grown women.  I ask you.

We got back in the car and they went off for other such capers, but I stayed in and slept a bit. When we finally got back home, I did a few more wriggles but was too quick for aunty - by the time she got the big-eye thingy focused, I was in complete regal pose.  

copyright YAM-aunty
 ...as befits a lady, don't you think?

Well, thank you for paying attention.  I do hope you will pay me a visit over at my blog. Don't forget to go see BOZO and all the other blogpals too!!

Now to settle down on my thinking pad...


  1. Well Lady Vicki and Yam, I am lost for words. I knew Vicki that you had allowed Aunty Yam to pick you up for a cuddle, but I did not know you had conspired to create this blog. I did enjoy reading it and most of it is factual and very very funny. I do think you could have mentioned that my finds on geo-caching has now grown by 200% after that day. Hilary xx

  2. Well I guess you are not into old churches and stained glass windows but it is all exercise.

  3. Oh no, I typed a lovely long comment for all three of you, and it went the way of all good things.
    I had compliments for Lady Vicki, and laughs galore for her geo-caching mum and her Yam-aunty.
    O well, the pictures are still here, and you still look lovely in the last one, Lady V. You could be Lindy's very much smaller sister, with your red-gold curls and pretty white face.
    Love and a skritch behind the ear,

  4. Hari OM
    Hilary - heheheh LV whispered in my ear during that special cuddle!! But yes, you DID score in the end... Meanwhile we had a giggle.

    Merle - dear little Vicki, she did look at us askance during the three business...

    Kay - (isn't a b***** when the comments are gobbled?) Compliments and love have been received and are conveyed in return!!

  5. Oh Lady Vicki, you are a most expert guest blogger. Aren't humans strange sometimes? They can act so weird. We like all the photos your aunt took but our favorites are of you.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew


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