…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)


Crikey, when did I ever miss a posting deadline???  Ah well there has to be a first for everything.

It has been a big day.  My 'new birth certificate' arrived.... so all good there.  The letter confirming formal acceptance of offer arrived so now can organise removals.  Which I have been searching and seeking quotes from various places.

Then one of the missing boxes turned up today... so only one to go and the lady in charge of that has phoned telling me all efforts are being made.

It was 'lunch' club over at dad's place; Mac1 and her daughter The Maestro make up the menu and whoever is available eats.  Then The Maestro thought it would be a good idea to take aunty round the Big Swedish Furniture Barn for a gander at some of the bigger items required.  \You know. Shelving. Wardrobes. Beds.

Something to sit on.

We were there till 6pm and then had to get some groceries.

Hence the lack of proper posting again....and that too a late one!!!

But there is a sigh of relief; a sense of things having moved forward several knots which is gratifying.

The BSFB is a place to get lost in for sure.  I came home with a dog.

A large labrador pup called Licky.  Stuffed version.  Big, cuddly, fun and no expense to keep.  The Maestro and I were both yawning on the drive home.

Okay folks.  That's all you are getting.  A proper journal entry of no consequence whatsoever other than to mark the ordinary doings of a day in the life of a YAMster.

Catch ya tomorrer.  &*<>


  1. Love it, a little dullness in an otherwise exciting life. You had me for a second when you said you got a dog, but then you said "stuffed version"...whew.
    I've been trying to do things on the computer today, constantly interrupted by Lindimus Maximus until she finally fell asleep on her window seat. But there are other dogs...a small litter of Labrador/Golden Retriever-cross pups at the Bergin University Service Dog Program, where puppies and handlers both learn how to provide services for a variety of people. So wonderful. The current litter is of newborns, and although I've seen many, many litters of newborn pups, I can't stop looking at them. The site has sound, so when a baby squeaks, I look. It's obvious Lindy has never had a litter, because she doesn't pay any attention to the squeaks at all. I guess if I want to get anything done, I should turn the sound off.

  2. Your day would have tuckered me in the morning.

  3. Been offline for a while while on holidays does this mean you have moved into a new house, sound pretty busy but a new house is always fun.

  4. I love that you have a dog now, stuffed is low maintenance but very cuddly. You are doing better than I am with posts, I am way behind.

  5. Hari OM
    Kay - oh they are toooooo gorgeous!!!

    Joanne - yes I was tired - but happy!

    Merle - not quite - in a couple of weeks though!!

    SQ - Licky just somehow wriggled under my elbow and stuck there all the way to the tills.... ;-) It's a big stuffie - the size of a live beagle at least!!

  6. A stuffed version of a dog is a good solution, it doesn't bark, lol !
    I think I commented on another blog, I couldn't find your link on your Google+ page, but finally found your name in the "About" section.


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