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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Me-now-views - Less Speak More Peek

Not sure at time of posting this one whether I will yet be fully functional on the etherwebs again - so there may or may not be a linky at the bottom.  I'll know when you do!!

I mentioned on Sunday that my South and Easterly view is over the Clyde; there is constantly something happening there - not least the passing of cargo ships.  I love seeing them and - of course! - photographing them.  The enormous ones are majestic, but the wee boats are equally fun.

This first  is one of a fleet of fishing boats which appear to harvest only along this shore line.

This next is the Grena, out of the Bahamas (81000 tonnes - keep your eyes on that aerial and smoke stack; they will become a gauge for comparisons!) That way is SW and out to the Atlantic.

Here we have the Bro Atland from Copenhagen (34000 tonnes)

Nuclear submarine and pilot launch.  You read that right.  Faslane is just down the creek...

...and to prove that there are more than shades of grey around here... the view from the NW window is towards Bishop's Glen.


  1. My eastly view is over Clyde, that is Clyde street.

  2. Oh now that is a truly splendid view. I used to work in an office directly overlooking the harbour in Aberdeen and never tired of the pleasure of observing the movements of all the boats.
    Cheers! Gail.

  3. What wonderful views you have of the river. I love watching ship like these although a nuclear submarine has never come into my view. I do miss living near the water.

  4. Hari Om

    Wow! That is a lot of boat/ship information!


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