…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosukhi moments...

This may appear more like a negative sentimental post.  Not really though.  Honest.  You see, there is the matter of the missing box...remember that?  I was working on averages and concluding early that it was likely to be books.

This has turned out not to be so.  In fact, it is the box containing my dinner service and chefs knives and a few other useful items. Apart from books, I kept minimal paraphernalia. By default then, it can be assumed that what WAS kept was worth the keeping of it.  If you follow my drift. Initially this caused me rather a bit of angst, coming as it did amidst the shenanigans of sorting out services, about which I had a rant yesterday.

Aitch and Lady Vicki have been wonderful.  Emm did it for me at the OZ end.  That thing of being a mirror to their friend.  Reminding her where her limits are.  

  • 55 year old female of some infirmity, not to mention under the influence of menopolyxinaemia
  • recent total barrier from the world by virtue of attendance at gurukula in India
  • a complete turn around of focus from the very highest philosophical pinnacles to running the highways and byways of western life which involved;
  1. packing up India and forwarding to Scotland
  2. returning for a mere 6 weeks to OZ to pack it up and forward to Scotland
  3. saying farewell to the country I thought would be my last resting place (though never say never..)
  4. a frenzied period mid-winter of adjusting back to the ways of Scotland and property seeking
  5. seeing, signing and sealing the deal and then once again getting all goods on the shift.

In a mere five months, my friends, much has been achieved.  There has been wonderful support and help along the way, despite blockades in other areas.  The menosukhi here is that I have again had it proven who are the salt of the earth and I am humbled and grateful to have such friends and companions in life.

The support here on the blogs has played its part, and to those of you with whom I have formed this ethereal bond, thanks also.

I am going to get all settled and become 'gooey' about the new place.  Teething troubles are always to be expected, but truly it is a great wee spot and the flat is, despite some necessary changes, going to be a fabulous base.  I am fortunate indeed to be able to have done this. Here's a glimpse of home in its raw, just arrived state.  The angle of these shots belies the size and dimension.  I'll do better.  Promise.  Suffice to say that if 20 campers turned up one day, there is room to accommodate them!!

So what if now new dinnerware and such has to be sourced?  I must take the view that what didn't arrive didn't belong here; what got damaged beyond repair, is saying "release - you held on too long!"  It's only stuff.

It's the people and the places that matter.


  1. Hooray. First peek of the flat. Looking good.
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Bertie says 'Pets at Home' do excellent dinnerware...

  2. Great advice Bertie. We are planning a trip to see Auntie Yma in April/May. Neither of us are looking forward to the ferry trip, mum says 20mins is plenty of time to be sick at least twice, I am putting a brave face on it. Any advice Bertie?

  3. All move in's look the same, don't they. Boxes. Bits of stuff. A day at a time and then it's done. Love the red and white tile.

  4. I totally agree, it's only stuff and what matters most is the people.

    I love the looks of your new place especially the kitchen with the red/white back-splash.

  5. Finally, a place for you to call home...and mean it! You are right, it is only stuff. The most important things in life cannot be bought!

  6. Been following your every move. Home looks beautiful. Will have to plan that trip soon. Will send you a lengthy email sometime this week.


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