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Menosukhi Moments - waxing gooey

As mentioned yesterday, there was an unexpected and impromptu visit from the father and the younger sister, Mac2, on Friday.  It meant something because Mac2 is ever crying time-poor.  She lives down in Nottingham and visits North are infrequent, as well as (without fail) work-related.  In many respects the woman is to be admired. No getting round the fact though; she's the epitome of workaholism. 

So when it had dawned on her that said work was going to bring her over to the Glasgow side, she mentioned to the father and he had agreed it would be an opportunity for her to 'pop' over to visit the new settler.  He'd tag along for the ride.

It was left to himself to call me on Thursday evening, then, to ensure it was okay with me.

Neither did I hear anything more until they were actually on the ferry from Gourock. There was always the possibility of reversal of decision.  They arrived at 2pm.  Mac2 got changed and announced she was under orders from her senior partner to have the afternoon off. She managed that. Mostly.  There was just the one phone call and a few emails she couldn't resist attending. But mostly she was mine for the arvo.

That was special.  I had already had quality time with the father, but his presence was of course very welcome and comforting in it's own way.

Bless him.  He had brought along his equipment for testing the electricals!  Even before I could get the (very late!) lunch served, he had been round all the sockets and switches and kitchen goods to ensure all was earthed and flowing.  Daughter Number One was safe.

Mac2 (who is Daughter Number Three...don't fret it), was super impressed with the YAMster's Hutch.  Photos just cannot really do justice to the space.  Large, airy and light.

The good news for me was that items I had sourced from local charity shops had been delivered just in time.  I now had a table and chairs in the kitchen at which we could sit comfy and eat. Suddenly it was not a cavernous cooking room but a warm and pleasant centre of the home. Furthermore, I had found a tableware set that, whilst not at all replacing the lost dinner service, was still very pretty - so could serve with esteem.

Lunch was enjoyed, conversation lively.  Mid-arvo it was decided a shopping trip was in order; heavier items to save the YAMster's arm at a later point.  It served as a curiousity tour also, getting the bearings for my visitors.

Mac2 insisted on purchasing a house-warming gift; so I got a set of 6-step ladders.  Trust me, they are required!  There were lots of approving words and tone as it was seen how pleasant is the wee toon of Dunoon; how friendly the folk and how easy for me to get around.  All that and views too.  

So comfy were they, my visitors stayed on into the evening, which delighted me no end. Dinner was made and again round the table.  Even the normally silent father got chatty. Reminiscences, plans, laughter.

Lots of laughter.

That afternoon is precious to me.  The Hutch became a home.

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

Hope you all have a hootin' good day!!


  1. Oh lovely afternoon had by all. The living room is getting to really look like home, I will help with leaving some 'presents' when we visit, hehehhe

  2. Namaste Yam! That all sounds relaxed and fantastic. As for homes, large, airy and light sounds amazing. Indigo x

  3. So nice to be settling in, and plenty of family approbation, too.

  4. Sounds like a very pleasant afternoon that went well into the evening, nice to know the family approves of you new digs.

  5. Great to see the family. Tell sister to make more time for visits - no-one is quite as indispensable at work as they like to imagine!

  6. Love the wallpaper!

    Now, about those step ladders? Because I didn't quite get it. How many of what did you get??

  7. I remember my parents coming to help me set-up my new house. Dad showed me how to install curtains. Thanks for bringing back a good memory!
    Sounds like things are coming along!


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