'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)


On Monday I had a mini-menoloop about the nonsense of changing clocks in the desire to manipulate available daylight.  As a couple of commenters noted, what's available is what's available so the 'name' of any given hour we assign to it becomes irrelevant. The thing is we are stuck with it.  For now.

The effects of clock change become noticeable in the matter of business.  One commenter asked about Australia.  The particularly stupid thing there is it is only the lower Eastern states which apply it.  Queensland refuses.  This makes doing business a bit trickier during summer.  Then again, there are shifts across the continent anyway, due to its size;  as in the US and other large land masses.  A half hour less in Adelaide and Darwin from Sydney and an hour in Perth (then add another hour when DST is applied).  

Deep breath.

Anyway.  One does expect to find differences between countries at various points on the planet. Which brings me to the reason for my title today.

Aitch was complaining last night that this blog had not 'changed' yet. She had gone in at her expected time of 18:30h.  Only now we had shifted the clocks.  How is this?  Well, it must be remembered that I set up these blogs a year ago.  

In Mumbai.

I may now be resident in the UK, but the blogs are Indian Citizens, as it were. (Ahem.) They go 'live' at midnight Mumbai time and pay no heed to what the clock says in UK - or anywhere else for that matter. Aitch suggested I simply reschedule.  To bring the posting back to 23:00h IST, however, would result in the date becoming the day before I intended but have the overall effect of looking like I was always posting late...  

Once I began to try and sort this out my midagemudheadmy menopolyxinaemic brain nearly caught fire.

I stand my ground.  Midnight IST is an immovable. If a few of you have had to adjust your MENO viewing times - firstly apologies for the inconvenience and secondly thank you for sticking around!!!

Sorry Dear Reader.  Me-no-shift...


  1. You're funny. Time is irrelevant. I read you when you pop up. It may be like cork time. The stoppers, not the city.

  2. The QLD people are very proud and a bit jealous of NSW so they will not do anything we do but I not sure why we even have daylight saving makes little sense.


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