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Me-Now-Views; Less Speak More Peek

Entering another month and my sixth week in the new home, I look round and re-write the lists of things to do or get.  Have been a bit at 'sixes and sevens' to be honest, as am keen to be fully settled and focused on my study and writing et cetera.  That said, I must not forget to enjoy the physical process of 'making home'.  

Gift from blogpals Magiceye and Bozo
The hanging of pictures and clocks, the laying out of bric-a-brac... kitchenalia.  

Gift from my 'little brothers' Sunwun and Suntoo

Gift from 'Aitch'

Gift from Mac1

I had to buy a new teapot.  This took a while as one must choose wisely.  Is it a pot one will be happy to use for a considerable numbers of years?  Do the milk and sugar match and suit needs?

Something interesting happened...

I loved the mirror-like shine and the simple elegance of the globular shape. (Sorry, the jug is upside down I just realised!)  It was pricey.  But for once the YAMster gave in to desire.  It pours absolutely non-drip as promised on the label.

Then a few days later I was watching an antiques program.  There was a focus on a designer.  One of great note, we were told, yet little known now. Christopher Dresser.

WELL!!!  What should they choose to show as an example of his work???

...say what??!! (Google Images)

Clearly the manufacturers of my set DID know of Mr Dresser!!  To think this was designed some 125 years ago...

Anyway, that's it for this week's peeks!  Linky time...


  1. Ah well done, you have found that most elusive of items, a tea pot that both looks good and is, to quote my mother "a good pourer"!

  2. When you put out your bits and pieces it makes the house your home.

  3. Wonderful gifts!
    To me choosing the small items is one of the fun parts of moving to a new home. A perfect teapot, a picture for that certain wall space and maybe a knickknack or two.

  4. Bertie said it best - practical and beautiful.

    I love turtles, too!

    Ruby (and Angel Pip)

  5. Fab gifts nice post I love the globular tea set :-)

  6. The tea set is mighty cool. I think one of the funnest parts of moving into a new house is finding all those little things that help make it a home :)

  7. Oh those shiny vessels are wonderful!
    I also had tea pot stainless steel, similar, but it broke up after many years of use, the adhesive from the spout - now I'm looking everywhere but never found such a jug again :-(

  8. What a pretty collection! Thanks for sharing!

  9. the tea set looks really nice. super!

  10. It feels so good to get projects done!

  11. Everything looks so pretty =)


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