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Menoggling {men-ogg-ling]; checking out the neighbourhood; part 1

Having had a good night's sleep, the trembling trio rose quite early on Sunday morning and we decided we had to make the most of a day that was much brighter and dryer than had been forecast.

Aitch and I attended to the mundanities of shopping in the morning and following a hearty lunch of her home grown asparagus (plus a few other items I threw in) we gathered up the Lady and headed down to the gardens of Castle House.  It wasn't warm.  It wasn't cold.  It was just right.

It's quite a hilly little area and lots of natural rock which has been used to great effect.

One part rises above the rest - an obvious spot to plant the Saltire.  There were a lot of steps involved. 

The trembing trio were all but collapsing by the time the summit was attained.  Some even needed support.

The views from up there, though, were worth the palpitations.  The one above is looking North-Eastwards to the Trossachs in the far distance.  The next one is almost due East, the town of Gourock on the right of frame.  It is from there the ferries leave to reach Dunoon.

Turning round to almost West...(I didn't have a compass...) that is Holy Trinity Episcopalian Church up on the hill.  The trio of flats next down is the terrace I live in; rear aspect. The middle section is No.2 and my kitchen window is the one just to the right of those chimney pots in the lower third of the frame.  

"Stop boring them YAM!"


  1. All the best neighbourhoods have a place where one can walk, preferably up a hill, and admire the view.

  2. Lovely photos. It sounds like you are all having a (trembling) good time!

    Your kitchen window (if I got the right one that is) looks fantastic.

  3. I chopped down three trees today. Only two fell over. I'm trying to clear out a spot for the wood duck nesting box. I'm so tired!


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