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On the linky rounds last week, whilst visiting MassholeMummy's blog I was reminded to share with you some of the scanned photos from earlier years... regarding my Sci-fi connection.  I first got fascinated simply because my father used to point out constellations to me and the idea of going into space was one of my earliest dreams.  

Then along came Star Trek.  I shall do a fuller blog(s!) later.  For now have a look at these. You did see a couple earlier, but no harm in continuing to share the passion.

All costumes here were reproduced by hand of the wearers.

The Power House Museum in Sydney has some amazing big-feature temporary exhibitions. Not least of these was the touring Photon Productions Star Trek show which hit pretty much the whole world.  Being deeply involved with a fan-run society I was able to take advantage of a call for 'specialist' volunteer status during the three months.  What is more, based on the accuracy of my hand-made costume (at the back here), I was picked as one of the half-dozen Universal Ambassadors and got to attend the high-class, ticket-only, VIP opening banquet.  Guest Star? Gates McFadden who played Dr Beverly Crusher on the Next Generation series.

Another favourite show was Babylon 5 and, as co-organiser of some top-level conventions this again meant some wonderful mix'n'mingle moments...

...with Mira Furlan...

...and Michael O'Hare...

...Joshua Cox...

...and the very scrumptious, absolutely delightful, Richard Biggs... can't believe it is 10 years since he left for his own part of space. Lovely talent lost too early. This was taken in 1997...

...but that's your ration for now!  Share your fun things with the linky below and thanks for visiting!


  1. Great photos! I love it when you share from your past with us! My mom isn't much of a sci-fi fan but it is always fun to see others who are!

  2. Are you telling me I will be staying with somebody who is hobnobbing it with the stars?! It's getting better and better!!

    Oh, and I love the pics

  3. No way! My husband is a HUGE Star Trek fan, so he would have loved that!

  4. Love looking at your blast from the past posts :) Happy WW

  5. Great photos, nice to look back ones in a while :)...

  6. Cool photos! Have a terrific day!

  7. What fun times!


  8. Whoa! Those are cool shows and people =) #WW

  9. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing your trip. As a fan it was wonderful to see the pictures.

  10. Cool shots! Happy Wordless Wednesday! :)


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