…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosukhi Moments - just a little soppy

Aitch and Lady Vicki departed on Saturday morning.  Not before we had rather a different day on Friday though.

May 2nd was the 18th (human years) birthday of our little red four-leg royalty.  This time last year, Aitch and I would never have believed we would be sharing such a time together.  LV, you see, is not in the best of health.  However, she had settled nicely here and the week was going well. 

Friday dawned with some promise of being at least mild and without rain, so the decision was made to pack the flasks and head for Inverary, via one or two geocaches. First stop was the war memorial at Sandbank. A very pretty spot, even under cloud.  The 'cache' was a tiny magnet thing in the light at the end there... with a slip of paper inside to be signed by the seeker.

There was one at Puck's Glen, but we had driven past that before blinking. So we decided to try and locate the one at Jubilee Point on Loch Eck.

Again, the earlier promise of sunshine had failed, but the air was very still and this showed in the glass-like quality of the water...

As we got out the car, though, a heap of other vehicles arrived.  There was to be a wedding take place on the point!!  Apparently there is some etiquette about not searching for caches in crowds, so we just enjoyed the views and a slow stroll.

LV had her portrait taken by the YAMarazzi... even though Aitch had to help her to the top of the mountain.

Down on the little beach, she seemed to be reluctant to walk. Mind you, those large pebbles were rolling my ankles some, so those delicate little pawsies were probs having trubs.  This meant that being carried by the Maid-in-Waiting became mandatory.

As we headed back up to the car park we met no less a person than the groom of the wedding party.  

He insisted we join the group to hear the vows.

(I did take photos, but I feel that as we were crashers, they should remain in my private archive.)

It was a 'Beltaine' ceremony, marking the spring equinox and included acknowledgements of Nature and her Elements.  Simple and elegant in a profound setting.

Just as it was drawing to a close, though, there was a disturbance for our little trio.  As I trailed up behind, I noted Aitch standing with LV in her arms.  There was clearly some rigor in our little friend.  Some form of fitting took place.  It was short and she came back from it agitated and barking.

I took the wheel.  Aitch sat with LV in her arms.  Forget Inverary. Forget imaginary treasure hunting.

That 15 minute drive back to Dunoon felt like an eternity for me, so goodness alone knows what Dear Aitch was undergoing.  Doggy had obviously recovered, but it was essential she got checked out, given her age and health status.

Somehow I managed to park us right at the vet surgery (tho' we didn't see the sign at first).  They were super in there and LV and Aitch were met with warmth, caring and (I do not exaggerate) Love.  A jab, some meds and two hours later, we felt confident enough to try another wee outing. This was in part to let her ladyship walk off some of the excess energy which had now come upon her, but also to seal the day, as it were.  To settle the humans too.  We drove round and sought out three more caches. Found none of them, but had a bit more fresh air, paid our respects to Highland Mary, looking wistfully South for her dear Robert Burns.

We ate fish and chips (yes again!) because Lady Vicki will eat fish when nothing else seems to tempt her.

She had a good night and said a contented goodbye.  A little bit of my heart went away with that darling wee doggy.  A larger bit went along with Aitch.  I know what it is to have an aged and ailing pet.  

We are not officially in the POTP* circle, but all prayers and wishes for LV's quality of life are humbly requested.

* Power Of The Paw is a prayer circle in animal Blogville...



  1. Hard to watch the decline of a dear friend. All the best wishes to Lady Vicki.

    It was a reasonably nice outing, and lovely pictures.

  2. Sending best wishes in spades to LV and Aitch. I too know what it is to have an elderly dog who starts to have fits. So pleased you found a good vet.
    Gail (remembering her dear old Hamish).

  3. Hari OM
    Thank you ladies - one of the surprises of blogging has been the well wishing and 'absent support' which can be found here. Small...yet very very large. xx

  4. Great pictures pretty place, it is hard when our pets are getting older and not as well as they were.

  5. Again, I am so sorry. And my condolances go to you as well as H.

  6. Coming late to this, I'm so glad you were able to have this last outing with Lady Vicki and Aitch in such beautiful surroundings.

  7. Oh, Yam, I am so sad to read this. I will be keeping Aitch in my prayers as I know how hard it is to lose such a special part of the family. I am very glad that you were able to spend some time with her before she left for the bridge. You will cherish that time, I know.


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