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Menosukhi Moments - adding to the annals

Mara left from Edinburgh this morning, after we drove over from Dunoon yesterday, via the scenic route.  The weather was not at its best, but neither was it horrid.

As it happened, we were able to connect with the family again - as they too were driving back from their week in the West.  Not till later in the the day though.  First we had to drive up through the Devil's glen and down by Loch Lomond.  There was plenty time to enjoy yon bonny banks and braes, as there were major road works North of Tarbet and we were delayed by perhaps half an hour.  As fine a place to be stuck in traffic as any!

It was when we passed by Loch Lubnaig that we decided it was time for picnic and toilet break.  I had prepared a plentiful supply of egg mayo sandwiches and we were able to obtain drinks from a kiosk at the well-kept visitors' spot.

By this time, Mac2 had sent message that they were already at the Kelpies; the place where we thought to meet.  Turned out they had followed a different route and thus avoided the roadworks.  Oh well.

Driving down through Callendar and Stirling we waved at the sights and kept going until Falkirk. Here we found the Helix park quite easily and were amazed at the presence of the giant sculpture known as the Kelpies...Photos on that tomorrow.  Today I want only to tell you that I was blown away by them.  Mara not so much I think, but that's okay.  The place was busy, we took ages to find a park and the weather had become very heavy and oppressive so we both had headaches. 

As we walked into the area for close viewing who should we meet but the father and Mac2 and Mac3, so not shared experience exactly, but at least we could talk about it in common later on.

Having done the necessary, we hit the road again and were in Edinburgh at 5pm and barely half an hour behind the others.

How is this menosukhi?  Well, mainly in respect to the fact that one has now met a fellow blogger and found their company to be as fun as expected and knowing that a good connection has been added to the circle of acquaintance.  There was quality shared time in exploration which was new for both of us and therefore memories to be added which will be fond and warm - hence menosukhi!!!

As mentioned, the visuals will appear tomorrow... need to be a bit tricky with technology as I am preparing this on a new toy.  'YAMspetoo' arrived early last week.  An ASUS tablet which can be used as screen only, or with this attached keyboard for the more intense tasks.  Such as blogging.  

Voovoo the Vaio need not feel abandoned.  At home she will be the primary pet.  Y2 is necessary for me now though as, when travelling, Voo is just too large and heavy for me to feel comfortable. This little darling, even with case and accoutrement is only around 1.5kg.  

It lacks ports of the sort that permit image transfer (at this stage) so I need to use father's equips then a USB and then onto here...  so my promise should hold. &*>

Tomorrow, also, I head off on the train once more.  Down to Suffolk again.  You know I will be boring you with that in due course!  Stay tuned dear Reader.  The whole week may end up menosukhing..................


  1. You do flit hither and yon.
    I have not idea what you are talking about, except I do recognize words like bonnie banks and braes. You do lose me on image transfer, ports, and so on. But, I am looking forward to pictures.

  2. I would have been more impressed had I not had a couple of horses on the loose in my head I think. Which is what it felt like. But I did like it and have some great photos of it!!

  3. You will love your new tablet. I have a Samsung and it is so handy to carry around. A usb cord and a card reader should do the trick.

  4. I thought I was the one who is perpetually in transit, Yam. :-) The road down by Loch Lomand is horribly slow at the best of times, but with roadworks the traffic movement must be glacial.

    As for your new toy, I'd love one of those....


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