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Me-now-views; Less Speak More Peek

Yesterday was all words about a trip from West to East... and piccies promised.  Promise now being fulfilled.  It was a bit touch and go there for a while. New technology defeating all the finest engineering minds of the clan.  Mission accomplished though. The journey was mostly banks and braes stuff, of which you will be seeing much, now I am resident here.  You are less likely though to see the following.

That up there is Stirling Castle.  Drive by shooting against a glaring and cloudy sky.

We were headed for these fellows though... The Magnificent Kelpies at Falkirk.

The Mac-clan, well half anyway...

Then the Clydsdales demanded attention...

"Echo the great beasts that work among us

bridled in this kingdom between canal and firth

here to harness the river carry each weary traveller

Bow down your strong heads to taste the water

Stretch up your long necks to face the sun"

John Carruth

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  1. I am inspired now to visit Falkirk.

  2. I probably will not make it to Falkirk, but I am awed by the massive structure. A feat of building.

  3. Those horse heads are very grand and a castle too.

  4. The horses are magnificent! I do like that castle too.

  5. Wow, thats gorgeos horses!
    Greetings from Gewrmany :-)

  6. I enjoyed your beautiful photos those horses are amazing and huge ;-)

    Have a neightastic week and thanks for galloping by....couldn't resist that

  7. I had never seen or heard about these amazing horses, they look so Cool...

  8. Holy cow! Those Clydsdale heads are AMAZING. I have never seen anything like that.

  9. Really interesting horse statues. Happy WW

  10. I knew Clydesdales were large, but this? Amazing!

  11. Those are beautiful pictures. Love them. Thanks for sharing. WOW.

  12. That's amazing! I love the castle, and wow those horses are so neat!

    We have a castle where I live. Someone stole it's original door handles off the doors. Why? So sad! :(

  13. Thanks for sharing those pictures! Those Clydesdales are amazing! And I love the castle!

    Have a great day!

  14. Wow, I love art on this scale and these are magnificent.

  15. Awesome shots! What a cool place to visit!

  16. Awesome pics. You had me googling Kelpies to learn more. Missed you this week, but I do understand about life getting just too busy.


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