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Menowertheborder... Out and about in East Anglia (heading North)

At risk of boring you all stupid, the next part of my week down South with Aitch now unfolds. This is the thumbnail version. Links are provided for those bits which may interest you further...

On the Thursday, we set off mid morning and made our way up to Norfolk. Early in the journey, we drove past RAF Honington, where my friend was once stationed and I don't recall ever seeing before. We travelled through the extensive Thetford Forest which holds a lot of history, not least in relation to WW2.  It truly is massive and in some parts is downright spooky.  It brought back many memories.

It was only recently that I heard about Norfolk being England's fourth largest county.  It is, though, it's most sparsely populated, as so much of it is farmland, forest and nature land.

That's a good thing in my book!

Most of East Anglia is, compared to many other regions, flat. That is not to say, however, that is without roll of hill and dip of dale. It is gently undulating.

Walsingham town square, with water pump and brazier
Much of it is highly picturesque.  
We landed up at Little Walsingham for a stop-off and wander.  Aitch was surprised I had never heard of it (certainly I have no recall); it is a place of pilgrimage and holds shrines to the Virgin Mary.  One is the Anglican and the other is the Roman Catholic.  There as a deep and involved history to this which you can read more about on the link. The place is stunning.  We visited the Anglican side, lunched at the Bull (with the lobster-doves?!) and then the museum and abbey ruins.  

Behind the shrine wall is this lovely altar to Mother where one may take Holy water

Following this wonderful interlude, we headed west towards Hunstanton and our destination of Heacham.

We dropped off our luggage and were met with a warm welcome of tea and cake by the proprietors of Heacham House bed and breakfast.  What a little gem of a place this is, tucked away in the town, with duck pond opposite and everything simple and elegant with just a touch of luxury.  


Then we drove out for a little local orientation and with anticipation of viewing a sunset over The Wash.  

We saw a windmill

Brancaster beach

found the perfect picnic supper spot on Hunstanton cliff

to view these

Sheringham Shoal Off-shore Wind Farm

in the light of this

before heading back to the zzzzzzplace...

A bit image-heavy today...but what to do? In total over the the whole trip I took nigh on 600 piccies.  Positively spilling over with them!!!

The best, as always, are being reserved for the photoblog; but don't think there will be too many complaints with this little mixture.  

Really, for this one, why ruin it with words?


  1. Nice tour of Norfolk, a county I have rarely visited, despite spending my childhood not a million miles away in the East Midlands.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. What a beautiful place!! I'd love to visit there!! Terrific captures as always, Yam!!

  3. Great pics, well done and thanks for organising the cake too

  4. Hari Om
    Thanks ladies..

    In fact Gail, there was a couple for Nottingham there!

    I know you would love it Sylvia!

    LV/Hilary - well of course the cake would have been there, all I did was drop hints about candles... &*>

  5. Is there even such a thing as "image heavy"?? Not in my mind ;-).

    Great photos, can't wait to read more!

  6. Gorgeous photos, Yam! I really must manage to visit Walsingham one day, as I've seen and heard so much about it. I love the Della Robbia bas-relief and once spent a memorable hour in front of the original at the Franciscan shrine of La Verna, high in the mountains of Tuscany.


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