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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menowertheborder... Out and About in East Anglia; (A Railway and a Wash)

Drawing to a close (with the exception of the promised upcoming Sunday Special), I offer you a final plethora of pictures from the sojourn South.

The weather, for the most part of the week, had been really rather kind (despite a cold and damp arrival on the Monday).  Even when clouds were about, with the odd shower, we were really rather blessed.  Particularly so on the 20th (last Friday) when it was one of those wonderful hot English summer days I recalled from childhood...

After an outstanding breakfast (delicious home-made vege sausages for me, full English for Aitch, home-made bread toasted with home-made preserves plus there was fruit and yoghurt and teas to order... see yesterday's post for link to the B&B!) we set off for a rail adventure.  This was one of the highlights that we had both spotted early in our arrangements for the holiday and my goodness it lived up to expectation.

Starting at Holt, slightly inland, we bought our ticket and jumped aboard the Sheringham-bound, diesel-drawn train.  

The engine was an early diesel and the Poppy Line is run almost exclusively by volunteers.

The carriages were right out of Harry Potter (or the Thirty Nine Steps for those of us who recall) and the scenery along the way was full of interest.

Kelling Heath is a request stop, but there is a scheduled stop at Weybourne, where the returning train and this one could pass.

The trip is kept at nominal speed and lasts around 20 minutes or so.  All the stations are as much of intrigue as the trains.

...am I gushing?  Possibly!  

We had timed our arrival at the seaside town of Sheringham so that we could spend a couple of hours just wandering the main street (very seaside-y) to the shore front and incorporate a lunch.  

There was time, also, to visit the town Museum, which was focused on the fishing and lifeboat background of the place.  Indeed, as we walked down the seawall, it was covered with wonderful historical notes and images.  

The museum was small enough that we could enjoy most of the exhibits very well, without necessarily feeling we had to glance and go. An added interest for myself in particular, was the visiting exhibition on Ganseys/Guernseys/Knit-frocks... the famous cable-knit jumpers that seafarers the world over are familiar with.  
The history I knew a little of due to my mother's own interest and ability with a few of the patterns. This piccie does little justice to it but does portray the ambiance... (remember you can click to enlarge).

On the way back to the station we picked up a picnic and sat at the little park watching the engines change over, before it was time for us to climb aboard once more.  This time it was the steam engine ride.

...I swear that is the back end of Henry I spot to the side there...

Back at Holt (after a heap more photographing) we drove off on a little personal adventure.  Whilst I was aware of family connection in Norfolk I had no idea that my dear friend was actually born very close by here! (Well, if I ever did get told it had been filed to the vaults of this meno-mind; sigh...) There was a little bit of to-fro-round-the-bend-and-back-again. At last, though we came upon this...

Am not sharing more than this with you as it is not my story to tell.  However, this is the place in which Aitch was baptised (I have permission to tell you it was not as 'Aitch' - because of course that is my own little literary name - but rather as Hilary, whom several regular readers now know from other blogs and comments).  Amazingly the church treasurer turned up and he was able to point us to the farmhouse which was the family home five-plus decades ago.

Norfolk is a county full of surprise.  This area had a different feel again to where we had been; almost a country of its own. A bit more hilly, many intersecting tiny roads and hedges higher than Hannibal.  It was more like a maze than anything else.  Quite delightful.

There was one last task for the day...

This was back at Heacham beach.  

8:30pm and at least an hour still to go before lights out.

I was to catch the train North again from Peterborough the next day.  There was a bit of a flattener.  Something eaten had disagreed with my gut and the least said the better.

It meant in the morning having to get to a pharmacy for some emergency meds.  These helped quell the worse of it and so we could spend our last morning at Norfolk Lavender and an all too brief but rewarding visit to the church.  We were lucky to be heading the way we were, because the opposite, coast-bound lane was a total traffic jam.  Summer solstice had brought out the seasiders!!! Craziness.  Despite road conditions and my 'non compos mentis' state, then a final hurdle of a platform lift out of order, the Edinburgh 'Hurtler' was joined with thirty seconds to spare.

My family had things happening and as I was still decidedly queasy, it proved timely and convenient for me to remain in Edinburgh through till Tuesday.  Of course, the very day I return to Dunoon, the famous haar and ever-present drizzle did too!!!  Hey ho.  

Despite a couple of hiccups along the way, my week away was fantastic and so full, that it feels more like a month!  What is more, it became clear just how much more there is to see.

On with life now... but just one little shout out...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAC2!!!  Yes my 'wee' sister has her birthday today. 

This was a 'selfie' with my new toy, the ASUS tablet (named YAMspetoo...but I still love Voovoo the Vaio...)  ...and remind me not to do that again...


  1. It is a wonderful 'selfie'. The sunset at Heacham looks wonderful, the B & B man was right about the different colours.

  2. Great selfie you look like happy chappies.
    I love train travel, it's a great way to see the countryside and no traffic.

  3. Only just now starting to catch up again. Beautiful photos and it sounds like great adventures.

    Happy birthday to Mac2!

  4. What beautiful smiles!

    I'm catching up on your travels Yam. Great photos from Cambridge, the pigeon on Henry VIII's cap gave me a big laugh. And I love your photos from Little Walsingham and the surrounding area.

  5. What a wonderful holiday! The train journey looks especially inviting because I just know my husband would love it! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Just love the happy smiles in your selfie!!


  6. Super photos and what a wonderful trip you had, despite the unfortunate indisposition. The image of the corridor train brought back a lot of happy memories. :-)


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