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Final Friday Feedstuffs

Gracious, that time of the month again...

A few weeks back I was asked if there were any alternative festive recipes I could offer for a recipe book.  I have several.  It has been a while since I used them, but they stick in my mind because they were so very delicious.  They are all, of course, vegetarian.  So I thought I might share some with you over the coming months.  Just in case you are feeling adventurous!

This first one is an Australian recipe which I 'borrowed' from another mate; The tomatoes need to be well ripened.  The stock I would use there is very different, but the Knorr is closest I could find to quality and taste. Only one is used so as not to over-ride the subtle salad-like taste of this clear soup.  It is ideal for summer Christmases, but I have drunk it warm also.  Also, it is my tendency to minimise seasoning, leaving it to the individual eaters to balance it according to their own tastes.

Salad Consomme

*      1kg ripe tomatoes (fresh must be used for this recipe)
*      1 large stalk celery
*      1 Lebanese cucumber (half a standard long)
*      2 spring onions
*      1 Knorr vegetable stock cube
*      700mls water
*      Seasoning to taste
You will also require a muslin or pure cotton tea towel for straining and hanging.

Ensure all veges are well washed.  Chop them roughly.  The celery should be softened first; place in soup pan with 100mls of the water and ensure fork-tender before adding the other ingredients, the stock cube and remaining water.

Bring to boil then simmer for 5 minutes only.  (Any more than this will lose the freshness, though veges should be soft enough to release their liquid.)

Allow to cool then pour into the muslin which has been laid in a large bowl (glass or ceramic – not metal).  Tie the muslin and hang over the bowl for 1-3 hours. Give a final squeeze of the cloth and its contents.  (Reserve these leftovers as they can be used in other soups or blended and added to mashed potato.)

The consommé can be drunk chilled (if summer) or heated through for winter.  

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  1. I am imagining this delicious liquid chilled over ice, it would be so refreshing on a hot summer day. Thanks for the recipe!


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