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Me-Now-Views; Less Speak More Peek

Over at Frank and Ernie's place last week, they shared a wonderful train trip experience. It reminded me that I had not put anymore of my own train piccies up; now's as good a day as any!

This one is at the Skippy the Kangaroo and Koala park in Northern Sydney.

It was taken, like, 87 centuries ago; that is The Maestro (my niece) at 22 months - and now she's 22 years!!!

This is just a taster though... now for a heap of piccies from recent sojourns in East Anglia.

Prepare yourselves - first, glimpses of the OUTWARD JOURNEY.......

Remember to click for 'bigification'

First there was the ALLLLLLL ABOOOOARRRDDDD at Holt Station.  Then we had to have our tickets (which were a little less than $87) properly conductorised...

See the carriage we are in - all 'Potterish'!

We could see the North Sea and we passed through two stops on the way - plus workshops and sidings with lots of 'interesto engineero mysterios'

and we passed the train running the opposite route...

We dismounted at the Sherringham end.  More on this station next week!!!  (I took 165 shots that day alone........... fear not.  I shall restrict myself.  A little.)

What are you all sharing today?


  1. OMD OMD TRAINS... we love TRAINS... OH YES we want MORE... One can see so much from a train Station and along the tracks... LOVE THIS... MORE PLEASE...

  2. What a famous experience and a lovely nostalgic train :-)

  3. What a lovely post I enjoyed the nostalgia ;-)

    Have a chufftastic week ;-)

  4. What a great adventure. Fun photos!

  5. Amazing place and those photos are just awesome =) #ww

  6. Trains.. my boys love trains a lot when they were younger. They were crazy over Thomas the train. Now they go for bullet trains.

  7. What great trains, I have yet to go on a long train ride, it would be so fun!

  8. I love trains - they form some of my favorite memories. Great shots!

  9. i have always loved travelling by trains .. what fun pics


  10. Great pics! I love old trains and totally enjoyed seeing your photos. The second one from the bottom is very well done. At first glance I thought it was a oldie but goodie.

  11. We did this once in Cape Cod when my daughter was small. What fun!

  12. Pretty shots - thanks for sharing! :)
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  13. Amazing photo collection. I love them!

  14. When my son was little we used to go to a local vintage train ride and he always used to call it the puff puff train...these pictures kind of reminded me of that


  15. I love the sound of old trains and the history behind them.

    xo Cinnamon

  16. WHat a fun adventure! My father-in-law would love going on this train! My kids too!


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