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Menosukhi Memories

Whilst visiting one of my newest 'God-pets'**, Charlie from Downunder, I was reminded of a whippet I once knew...

Her name was Pixie.  

She owned two wonderful hyooomaaans. J&G were family friends of the dearest kind (J has sadly passed, but dear G remains) and it might be said they were as 'God-parents' to me. Certainly I had many a long and meaningful conversation with them on matters spiritual and philosophical. Married late in life, they never had children and the Mac-offspring were treated as family by them. 

J was an intellectual and erudite man. He always spoke with me as if I was a functioning, intelligent equal and it was J who introduced me to the wonderful literary worlds of C. S. Lewis. 

G was a nurse of the old school.  Also well-read and deeply spiritual, she knew how to guide both with love and a stiff rod when necessary.  Their surrogate child came in the form of the crazy little whippet who was not only P by name but pee by nature.  

True to her breed, Pixie was as highly strung as the very best Stradivarius.  It was inevitable that she had to be left in the house for periods of time and the first task on every return for the hyooomaaans was to check the floors.  

It could add a bit of a 'twister' to the end of an outing for a birthday meal! (I had just found 'the patch' here and Pixie is doing her best to persuade J it was nothing to do with her.)

There was nothing better, as far as Pixie was concerned, than to be out and about with the hyooomaaans to whom she was bonded.  The park, as you might expect, was always favoured. What might be a little more surprising was her love of digging for potatoes. Whippets are not known for their digging prowess, but she made a pretty good go at channeling her inner Jack Russell Terrier!

Then there were the seek and find games.  G would bring along a favourite play item, I would distract Pixie whilst it got hid (in the case of the picture left, a pile of rubble), we would take a walk all over the field or ground of choice, then ask her to find ..."bonnet/parrot/Billyo" or whichever had come along that day.

This she excelled at.  When the weather was too far gone for outside seek and find, the same was easily translated to furniture and rooms of the house.  Of course she was just humouring the hyooomaaans.  After all, was it not she who planted the thought of the hiding place in the first instance? All that running around on the spot was just to throw them off the scent...

This is the only other picture I have of Pixie. I was staying with G for a few months (had forgotten about that little spell between Nigeria and final settlement in Edinburgh). The uniform was from my work as breakfast waitress at a local hotel...now there was a job to wake you up to all sorts of nonsense!

Pixie lived and loved with J&G for little more than 11 years.  Even for her type, she was particularly anxious and the dogtors attributed some of the early departure to her nervous condition.

She has never been forgotten.

**Did you know I am honourary 'aunty' to many a fine pooch and puss in petville???  Check them out under Animalogues on the side-bar.


  1. I cannot imagine life with no pets, especially borrowed pets.

  2. What a WONDERFUL Story... Filled with FUN and LOVE. OMD she must have been a Special one fur sure.
    THANKS fur sharing this with us..
    PeeS... we think the Waitress Uniform is CUTE...

  3. "True to her breed, Pixie was as highly strung as the very best Stradivarius. "

    I love your writing! You have such a sense of humour, as well!

  4. Crikey ...... I sure would have liked to know Pixie. She sounds just like me. Mum and Dad wouldn't dare leave me alone in the house while they went out. Not only would I pee. I'd probably poop and tear the curtains down as well. If I get left they leave me in my crate. I eat my bed!! They've never left me for more than two hours. I know that "not me" look well and have used it often.
    That was a very nice story. I enjoyed it VERY much. You sure know what you're doing. I just blunder along. You looked very cute in your little pinny, Aunty.
    Mum said to say she loves C S Lewis as well. Thanks for the advice on the linky thing and thanks for this story about Pixie. I love having you as my very own, special Aunty.


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