…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoxploration; further travels, vaguely more familiar territory.

Picking up from yesterday...

Gail and I enjoyed our lunch and then headed back to collect Bertie.

Once in the car, as Gail dashed back in for something, Bertie eyed me up.  I had been the cause of his being separated from his best pal and I had to reassure him that whenever he visits Dunoon, picnics would be the go. Regardless of weather.

By this time, the climate of the day had altered a tad; the wind had become so strong, all the grey and gloom of the morning was removed and Mr Sun was doing his best to brighten us all up. Visually this was great; physically, not so much. Wind got stronger and stronger and stronger until, by the time we tried to enjoy a walkabout in Ballater, we were nearly blown horizontal.  However; there were some good sights along the way as we drove outwards on the South side of the River Dee, via Aboyne.  On the way we passed a pair of steam tractors...

...and we made a stop to see if we could spot any jumping salmon... they were there; a handful were spotted... Look very closely, mid-left... male spawner?  More by accident than well planned photo shoot!

The water was wild... 

...and the autumn colours were shining like burnished metals...

It was a bonny run through to Ballater, so it was. The town itself is attractive enough, though not large.  It used to the rail stop for Balmoral, thus there are lots of 'By appointment to...' royal plaques over doorways on the street stores. The disused station has been converted to commercial premises.  

At first I was not inclined to go into what looked, to be frank, like the standard 'tourist come hither' establishment and also did not want to delay Bertie from any further joys of running outside. There was a potential to walk along the old rail track... two things counted me out of that however; firstly my gradually stiffening body and secondly, the wind.  It really was fearsome by this time.  Gail took off for a speedier 10 minutes with Bertie and I ended up going into the 'shop' which turned out also to have a small museum attached to it...

You know by now that YAM likes to spread the telling; so that part will be here on Monday!!!


  1. How GRAND that was... to have passed by the old steam Tractor...we have never seen one like that before...
    You are so Correct... the RIVER DID RUN WILD...
    The Salmon graphic was perfect..
    Bet Bertie Loved the Run in the Wind... while you enjoyed the gift shop and MUSEUM... you know we LOVE those also.
    A Bonny BONNY day for sure... Shared with Wonderful furends.

  2. Just love that picture of Bertie in the Mini!

  3. WHAAAAAAAAASSUP? I has missed you sooooooo very much Aunty!!!!!!
    I am so jealous you and Bertie and Gail gots to meet...how freakin' awesome is dat!
    I is not fond of wind and i bet da wind there is like waaaaaay colder theres. why ya'll not go to no pubs???????


  4. Creative Photography! Love animals!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Crikey ...... I LOVE that shot of Bertie. He's really giving you the eye, aye??? Who's that Puddles bloke? I've seen him around a bit lately. I haven't met him before!! He certainly sounds like a bit of a character. Seems to me he'd feel right at home in an outback Aussie pub, aye??

  6. I do enjoy your travels recent and from afore!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  7. Beautiful photos. I love the tractor. It definitely beats the new generation of awful looking vehicles on the road now!

  8. Gorgeous photos, but the wind does sound fearsome. Now for part 3. :)


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