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Menoloopal Mini

Yes, just a short gripe today folks... has anyone else noted the change in blogger which, if making a comment for the first time in the day, enforces one of those dratted 'prove you're not a robot' number very-frustri-cation things???  

Or is it just me?

It is enough that some bloggers feel the need to use them instead of the comment moderation; they have the right to control of comments certainly, but those things drive one a bit crazy when they are all too often so obscure that it takes a second or even third attempt to get through them - and that's with specs on! That Blogger/Google - the place where one is supposedly logged on everywhere - has dropped this one on us makes no sense at all. I am sure it will get noted and in a while will disappear again.

In the meantime...

Another niggle is the tendency for some blogs to just stop transmitting to the reader.  A couple of my faves have gone walkabout - I know they are still active, but frankly, the effort of having to go find them is a bit more than I can be bothered with.  Likewise, I believe others have 'lost' links to here and the other TAKEs - so who knows what that is all about???

That's it. I'm done menolooping.  Thanks for listening. Troubles shared and all that...


  1. Yam, I've noticed no connection with the first comment of the day, but I've read that Blogger now insists on word verification when anonymous comments are being made to try to stop spam. That happens even when the blog owner doesn't have word verification switched on.

    Solving the going walkabout of a blog usually involves the blog owner making sure that their feed is working properly. Unless they select Full Feed, readers can't pick it up.

    Don't worry about whingeing. I've posted several whinges about Blogger in my time. :-)

  2. When I've been too annoyed by the robot detector I've mentioned it to the blog owner, and in one instance found he had no idea it was turned on. He ditched it immediately.

  3. As the person just commented... MOST Bloggers have NO CLUE that this Robot thingy is actually turned ON for their blog... they ONLY way they WOULD know is IF they FOLLOW their OWN BLOG... which Everyone SHOULD do... SERIOUSLY you should be Following Your OWN BLOG... so that YOU see exactly what everyone ELSE sees when they visit.
    The only other way they would know is IF someone is KIND enough to Tell them that it is turned on.
    On our Hill we HATE to take the time to fill them in.. Butt LOVE the Blogger so we do them.

  4. Hari Om
    Perpetua - Thanks for taking time to share on this matter. I couldn't find anything explaining about this word v'fic on Blogger and my point was that EVEN THOUGH LOGGED IN, whenever I go to make my first comment after signing on, it enforces this thing. I do get why it is there, but it is the fact that one is definitely already IDd which ticks me off..... (grits teeth in manic grin)...it has done it even now as I type this into comments on this very post - my first comment since signing on this evening. Tsk...

    Joanne - indeed I have done that too.... but it is the fact of my being logged on to Google and the first comment I make after logon doesn't register I am on air so forcing the box .... no matter whether that blogger has it switched on or not. As Perpetua said, Google themselves are attempting to play policeman but as with any such measure, it comes across as an impediment.

    F&E - yes I follow my own blog; I don't have any moderation turned on, yet it is forcing me to go through word v'fic RIGHT NOW as this is my first comment since logging on..... go figure!!!

  5. I know what you mean! Some people let you post automatically, but then you have to 'prove' your worth.
    I simply have blogger approval all the time. It's easier. There is so much spam and smut out there!

    I find that Google+ is a bit strange for me. I have strangers following me, and I have no control. I have given up on it. I simply visit someone who has commented on my blog, rather than answering a simple comment. If there is a really question, I usually email or go to their blog. I figure that is good use of my time.
    Some commenting leave their URL in the comment, which makes it all that much easier.
    Like mine:
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


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