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Howdy peeps!!! Today, a post which is a timely warning not only for all my Blogville pooches and purrers, but quite possibly for their 'help' ... come to that, for just about ALL of us, following the festive feasting. Excess intake = excess exterior!!! We need to beware.  It is all too easy to let the lips ignore the hips.
From the Office of Wellness and Concerns

Your's truly is not immune. Certainly age and physical disorder prevents a level of exercise which would ensure that my vegetarian, non-alcohol, less sugar diet served me better.  It is still a work in progress and there is no question that since returning to a Northern climate, the carbohydrate consumption is proving a pitfall.  Have already pulled back on that.  Overall though, nothing beats being more active and am also building slowly in that department. 

Daisy dog in the pasted article below (from PDSA news) sets us a very fine example to begin our year. Overweight pets are not happy pets. No kindness is being done in continuing to stuff them. Or ourselves...

Lazy Daisy’ crowned UK pet slimmer of the year
A formerly bulging Bulldog – who was so lazy she had to be bribed with ham to exercise – has been crowned PDSA Pet Fit Club Champ after shedding over a quarter of her bodyweight.

Diet queen Daisy, from Middlesbrough, beat off competition from huge hounds, fat cats and round rabbits, who were all battling the bulge in our six-month diet and exercise programme.

Under the expert guidance of PDSA vets and nurses, Daisy has made an amazing transformation. She started the competition weighing in at a hefty 28.3kg but with PDSA’s help and her owner’s determination, she was able to lose around 8kg in weight – meaning that she’s shed an impressive 27% of her bodyweight.

The new slim-line pooch was one of 11 obese pets selected to embark on the pet slimming regime. They are all enjoying significant benefits to their health and wellbeing, thanks to losing weight. In total, the pets have lost a combined weight of 30kg (4 stone 7 pounds). Meet the 2014 pet slimmers and learn more about their journeys.


  1. We thought it was 2 different doggies! Yes, we are very weight conscious at our house. That doesn't mean that we couldn't all stand to lose a few pounds but we are "always working on it". Carrying excess weight is hard for a body to do (hooman and canine and feline) .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Hari Om
      Constant process - the more so as one olders..... Yxx

  2. Mom has found the older she gets the harder it is to lose. An office job does not help
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  3. Where are the PDSA vets and nurses to put the humans on regimes?

    1. Hari Om
      bwwhahahahahahah - oh they are there Joanne.... known as dieticians! Those are the ones associated with various clinics and usually requiring referral by concerned doctors; then again there in the form of weight control agencies which shall remain unnamed but known for their peer support and competitive calorie counting.

      I have nutritional qualification; this differs in that it is more about finding the foods which best suit the individual's body type, adjusting to diets which are disorder-specific and such like.

      Of course there is always that good ol' advice, 'eat once, eat small, less fat, grow tall'.... (well perhaps I just made that up, but it ought to be...)

      &*<> YAM xx

  4. The lips ignore the hips ...bawhahahahahahahahhahaa. Yes, my assistant knows all about that as she did this for months and now is paying the price ...bawhahahahahahaha

  5. Hari Om
    Now then AP - perhaps it was comfort food in your honour? And Ruby, you are the comfort now; so give some support to your loving assistant!!!

  6. This is a constant battle in our home...Mama and I have both committed to loosing weight this year in order to stay healthy!! We have been walking/hiking efurryday and doing our best to make keep our lips together and away from snacks and treats so nothing ends up on our hips!

  7. I've been having fun tromping through the woods, as you know! It's portion control, for me. I've been giving up many times, though. sigh. I love seeing them controlling them for the doggie! cheerios from abroad! or a broad ! XX


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