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Menolyrical; Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails!!!

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Normally I use a photo to prompt my stories and this is no exception; but we are also given a sentence by M&S which we have to highlight in the story... Today's offering is actually a tale I first presented on the TAKE TOO blog, which I am slowly amalgamating into this one. When I saw the prompt for this month's FFHT I immediately remembered and knew I could give the story a bit of revamp!

The story was inspired by TAKE FIFTY SIX.  , which is of Edinburgh's Grassmarket taken from George IV Bridge**, and I found myself making a caption for it - which I have cut and pasted here...
Nan in the Kitchen

Nan sat glaring over at the woman peering through the bridge posts. 'Why doesn't she look at me?' wondered Nan.  She tried waving, but the stranger was unmoved.  With a sigh, she turned and headed for the kitchen, her tail swaying nonchalantly.

Nan, the finely-haired Scottish Fold feline,  headed straight for the spot by the dustbin where her food was always laid out.  Avril (her house slave) was very particular about this.

There had to be the rubber shower matting beneath and a layer of newspaper on top of that; preferably The Edinburgh Evening News or The Scotsman, but if she couldn't get those she'd take The Independent, which wasn't bad for an English-based paper.  Nan wondered why it never occurred to the woman to take one of the other regional Scottish papers.

On top of the paper then would be set, to the left, the water bowl.  Small but sufficient for any cat, "we not being dipsomaniacs like dogs", thought Nan.  To the right was the larger and more interesting bowl.  It was actually an elongated item with two 'cups' in it. One larger and one smaller.  Nan was of the opinion that the smaller one was actually meant for the water which Avril had decided to set separately.  The argument had been that if food somehow got in the water which (let's face it) was a distinct possibility, then it could fester and stink the house out.  Never mind be undrinkable.

Nan considered this to be a fair argument, especially since it resulted in the spare cup being filled each evening, on Avril's return from work, with a treat. Usually something fresh and dainty, like off-cuts from the fishmonger, or finely-diced liver succulence which the downstairs butcher liked to prepare specially for her.

Nan also considered that perhaps the butcher was sweet on Avril.  She didn't think the fellow held any particular regard for herself.  Indeed on the occasion of Avril introducing her to - what was his name?... Wullie? - he had appeared to draw back somewhat and narrowed his eyes. What was wrong with the man? Did he not know this was an invitation to a cat? Lucky for him Nan was in her cage going to visit the doctor, or she'd have been all over him, just to get him riled.

This had become Nan's entertainment, indeed purpose, in life.  To upset all Avril's suitors who came calling.

It was always particularly fun when they were wearing dark clothing.  Nan being a finely-haired Scottish Fold feline with lots of white and buff colouring, she could leave her mark beautifully on a pair of woollen trews or a knitted Arran of the dark navy style so favoured by many of these fellows.  No doubt about it, Avril's taste in men was predictable.

Until last night.

Last night Alan had come home with Avril.  The silly house slave obviously couldn't see he was totally smitten with her and not in the leering, panting way all others had been.  Avril was unquestionably a fine looking woman, but she appeared to be unable to appreciate that the sleek and suave types she fancied herself were highly unsuitable as long-term relationship prospects.  None of them at all had marriage in their eye.  Nan could see this, so why not Avril?  Thus Nan made a total nuisance of herself to ensure these fickle, narcissistic chaps never made a return visit.

Thankfully, Avril never saw the underhanded trickery of her mistress, Nan the finely-haired Scottish Fold feline.  She had enough sense, at least, to see that if these fellows couldn't like her cat then she wouldn't bother with them either.

Which was just fine with Nan.

Then last night Alan came.  Nan fell drop dead in love with Alan the minute he entered the door.  Firstly, he smelled gorgeous.  Something in his odour reminded her of catnip and all she wanted to do was be on his shoulder and snuggle his neck.  Which made for the second thing.  He loved this!  He even picked her up and put her against his chest then allowed her to climb.  The third thing being, he wore light clothing.  Not white, not buff, but oatmeal and khaki and other lovely neutral tones which matched beautifully with Nan's coat.

Needless to say Avril was astounded.  Alan was a workmate and had only dropped by to collect a pile of folders that she had been working on. They had been working on the same University research team since their graduation.  Nan knew this because she'd heard Avril talking to Alan on the mouthpiece thing many times.

He'd ended up staying for tea and conversation had centred on Nan and how she coped with being an inside cat, then ventured into finding they had common interests.

When Alan had left, Nan could see that Avril was in deep thought. "It was so much better than I could ever have imagined! " thought Nan. "Invite him for dinner...invite him for dinner...invite him for dinner…"  Nan sent out instructions to her house slave.  It normally worked.  Sometimes reinforcement was required, but mostly it worked.

So Nan, the finely-haired Scottish Fold feline, had been watching from the window to see if she could see Avril coming home and whether Alan was with her.  It was getting late and no sign of her. The big bowl was empty of the morning's food and Nan was ready for whichever treat was to arrive for the evening.  Where was that woman?

The sky was dark and rain had begun before Nan heard Avril's key in the door.  She let out a "mmmeeeeoeororrorororo" of indignation and sat in her most disdainful pose as the hall light went on.

Then she smelled it.  The catnip odour of Alan.  She lost all control and majesty and ran straight for him.  He, without hesitation, bent and lifted Nan up to his shoulder.  Today he did have a dark jacket on.  That didn't deter him though.  He cuddled her and stroked her and she lapped up every bit of attention.

"Hey, what about mum?!" moaned the house slave.  Nan let her get off with calling herself mum, as it aided in compliance with regular feeding.  Looking across, she saw that Avril was grinning, despite the apparent complaint.  Nan stuck her nose across to acknowledge 'mum' then snuggled back into Alan.

"Sorry we're late wee lass.  Alan and I had to discuss a point from those files last night so we decided just to do that over a meal.  Now he's come for some tea and we've brought you a very special treat!"  Alan put Nan down on the floor and reached into his left pocket.  He walked towards the kitchen and leaning down to the small cup of the food bowl, poured out of a plastic container some meat and gravy concoction that was clearly left from their meal.  Nan couldn't help it.  The inner motor started. She was highly pleased with the direction things were taking and her body set up a hum and murmur to equal any motor bike.  As she dove into the scrumptious treat, from the corner of her eye she could see Alan and Avril engage in a small snuggle of their own.

"At last", she thought," the slave has brought me someone worth the having".  Nan's purring, became a roar. 

 © Yamini Ali MacLean   2013    

**For the unfamiliar, it is in a cafeteria on George IV Bridge that JK Rowling wrote a certain hairy tale of her own...


  1. Wow, what a great story, so well written! You sure know how to write them! VERY well done!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Mom loved the photo too!

  2. Bravo BRAVO...... We love Nan's Story and her very careful Selection of one who will FIT IN... and Meet with HER (the only impawtant one) approval. Loved this one.

  3. Crikey Aunty ..... I haven't read this yet. Mum's awful busy at the moment. I will read it though. Later!! But Mum's getting worried about her blog. She wants to save it just in case something happens and has no idea how. She thought you might be the one to ask for help. Can you give her any ideas on what she should be doing? Sorry to be a pain but she would hate to lose all of the hard work I have done. Well I s'pose she did a bit of hard work too. She did the typing after all. If you can't help ..... NO WORRIES ..... but thought it was worth asking. Thanks Aunty!!

    1. Hari Om
      No worries Charlie mate - the page will be here when mum's got the time.

      As to blog save - that is very easy. Go into the blog's setup pages where you see the list on the left of things like 'posts', 'comments', 'layout' and so on. At the bottom you will see 'settings'.

      Click that.

      Now click the 'other' at the bottom of the settings list. At the top of that page you will see links for import/export/delete. Click export.

      A box will come up with the 'download' instruction. It will go into your dowloads folder where you can the place it where you like for storage.

      What the help (eerrrr.. Mum) may not be aware of is that EVERY picture uploaded to blogger gets stored in the cloud on picasa. So once in the ether, always in the ether.... this is why it is advisable to 'watermark' all photographs. In theory they are secure to you, but as we know, lots of things turn up on Google images which I am fairly sure the copyright owners didn't want there!!!

      Be aware that what this export function exports only photographs and written content - it also holds onto comments made on the posts. It DOES NOT save the format of the blog page. If for any reason your page was compromised it would be necessary to set it up again and then IMPORT the saved items.

      Which brings up the need, if you are going to take this action, of saving regularly (once a week, say), so that the most you would lose in the event of a crash of the page is max 7 days.

      This brings up the need to back computer systems on a similar time scale. If a pc or tablet crashes, and you haven't backed up to an external storage device..... no sympathy here.... (she can be a hard woman at times, the old aunty...) Yxx

  4. Aww. Nothing like starting the day with a warm and lovely story. And clearly Avril is a woman of good taste in refusing to buy the P&J...

    1. ....&*>>...or the Dunoon Observer for that matter!!! Yxx

    2. ....then again, they are fit for kitty litter and under-foodables floor protection...

  5. I used to have a cat that would go wild over the scent of tobacco and drape himself all over the guy. Then again, anybody who would come in would be good enough, whatever they smelled like...

  6. I love this story ... and I could roar too for food now :o) any leftovers at Nan's?
    easy rider

  7. What a great story, I just love the way you wrote it....you sooooooo need to be published!!!

  8. Clapping wildly and MOLing here. we agree with dory
    Hugs madi and mom

  9. Crikey we read it ..... we read it!!! We loved it ..... we LOVED it!! Dory's right!!!!
    Thankyou so much for all the info too. I sure hope the 'help' can get it right. Dad's at golf today, she's got a day off from babysitting, so she's going to attempt to fix a LOT of things. This project is first on her list. Note: ATTEMPT. 2nd on the list is get her photos in some semblance of order. 3rd on the list is ME ...... totally unfair I must say. although, she did cut my nails first thing this morning. I was VERY uncooperative!!! She also read your story!!!!!! Crikey it was good!!


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