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Menosterycal; a case of midweek mirth

Here's a couple of rib-ticklers to start you off...

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Now for a little 'light moment with meaning'... you recall the robot vids from a wee while back? A bit spooky - but perhaps in military situations one could, perhaps, see purpose. Well, now there has been suggestion to develop robot assistance 'dogs'... in my mind that is a 'dog' of an idea. Seems the Guide Dog Association holds the same view - so I cut and paste their arguments for your infotainment.

Why a robot could never replace a guide dog

30 Mar 2015
Following the news that robot “guide dogs” have been developed by researchers, fans of guide dogs have taken to the web to express why a robot could never replace the real thing. Here’s our top ten:

Robots don't have hearts

A guide dog is so much more than a mobility aid. When they’re not working they behave just like a pet dog and are adored by their owners and show love in return.

Friends for life

There are many people with sight loss who rarely leave home on their own and many more who say they feel cut off from the people and world around them. A guide dog is a companion who provides company and friendship as well as assistance.

Part of the family

A guide dog isn’t just there to support its owner; guide dogs become part of the family and are adored by everyone.

You can’t cuddle a robot

Have you tried? It’s nowhere near as soft and warm as these little puppies.

World class dogs

The Guide Dogs charity has trained guide dogs for more than 80 years and the techniques are pretty advanced. Guide dogs are bred for their exceptional attributes that make them among the most loyal and trusted canine companions in the world.

A robot doesn’t want its tummy tickled

There’s no denying that robots are pretty cool, but they are far less cute when you rub their tummies!

Guide dogs can go up steps

While the robots aren’t yet able to tackle steps, guide dogs are experts at getting about. They also receive special, advanced training to support their owners’ unique lifestyles. Guide dogs help people from urban London to the Scottish highlands.


A guide dog and their owner have a truly unique partnership that is built on trust and understanding. Guide dogs can learn a huge amount about their owners from their height to their length of stride.

Batteries not included

Guide dogs don’t run out of batteries so they’ll never leave you stranded.

The robot looks like a lawn mower

Enough said!
Group of puppies


  1. WE know someone who has had a guide dog for 30 years... and each one is SPECIAL and VERY MUCH a part of their family... When not Working... THEN they are always ALL BUSINESS. When they retire... they are allowed to go live with the Extended Family... until called to the bridge.

    1. Hari OM
      Exactly guys, but can you imagine 'retiring' with a robot?? Naaahhhhh, baadddd idea. The other side of this, though not covered here, (and not all that 'mirthful') is that robots could ultimately be cheaper than a live hound and that is where things get a bit tricky... BUT NOTHING BEATS A FLESH'N'BLOOD HOUND!!! Yxx

  2. A robot replace a DOG!!!!! Who would say that apart from some computer geek! Pah!
    Mum was given a great sniffing by a guide dog on the tube this morning, was a great excuse to have a chat with the owner, now I ask you, would a robot be able to detect my furs and smells all over Mum and would a lovely friendly conversation resulted…no of course not. But Mum and the lady both went to works happy this morning after that encounter! Robots, my Butt!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Hari OM
      Yup you hit the mark with that one your Cuteliness!!! Luck mum.... lucky guide dog owner ... phufff to robots I say. Yxx

  3. I've only known one guide dog, he lived down the road about 15 years ago, his owner was a bit different and had a bit of humour about him he would sit in the train reading the paper with the guide dog at his feet I was very amused.

  4. Crikey ....... that first rib-tickler. Hahahahahahaha .... who thinks to do things like that???? As for robots replacing guide dogs ...... hmmmmmmmmph!!!!!!!!!!! Never ........

  5. I will wear my sunglasses that way too :o) I think nothing can really replace a dog.... but I like the idea that they use that robot thingies now for dangerous missions at war areas instead of dogs...
    Have a great wednesday
    easy rider

  6. Seems like there could never be a relationship with a robot and I would think the relationship part would be most important. We are imaging Easy and his sunglasses BOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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