'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoxtra; a little bit on the side.

It's time to make Goulash with Grandma again! (Micro-fiction fun...why don't you give it a go?) Use the picture prompt she provides to create simple, shortest of short, stories to tell its tale - kudos gained for using the weekly bonus word. Today that is KINDLE


Bolo, disgruntled, imitated the furless junior. How was he going to let the little tyke know that aping him was no way to kindle friendship?
(140 chrx)

The invisible barrier prevented words. In Griller’s eyes, though, there was a kindling of love.
(95 chrx)

The mischievous boy, trying to hide it with silly gestures asked,“Kindle? What Kindle?”
(88 chrx)

Now – just because Grandma made special request on last week’s offering, completion of the treasure hunt! (Have kept this part within the 140 word limit to keep things even.)

Clara yelled “We were so far ahead now I can hear the next team coming!”  Binty could tell there was a tantrum rising.

“Look Clara, fourth clue, ‘Round back left scroll’”.

The younger girl just pouted and it was clear that it was up to Harry and herself to sort this one. “Think Harry!”  The two of them were silent for a moment.  Looking at the rock from where the monitor had appeared, Harry wondered, “round this rock – at the back, another scroll is left?”

“Brilliant!” Clara had regained her enthusiasm and led the charge round the rock. They walked up to the smiling teenage monitor and started searching his pockets. Binty found it. Another piece of parchment.

Their faces lit up. What did they see?
(126 wds)


  1. You are so much fun, Yam! This is much fun. hugs xx

  2. WE think you are FUN also. BUTT that GRRRRRRRRilla sort of scared us.

  3. I just love a happy ending. Thanks for not leaving me in suspense.

    We were on the same page (bad pun) with our Kindles this week. lol

  4. Three great offerings for Bolo, and I'm so glad you finished the treasure hunt story! You are so clever.


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