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On my last weekend over at Edinburgh recently, I invited Mac2 and Neighbour M in to have lunch with the father. This was a spontaneous invite (we're prone to that round here) which placed me in a slight dilemma.

Image result for funny animals and foodWhat to feed 'em?! Didn't want to go supermarketing at that point. A quick 'shoofty' of my makings and dad's cupboards had me plotting and planning two chapatti pizzas, each with a different topping.

If you are a fan of the trad-yeast dough, look away now. Not only did I not have yeast on hand, I wouldn't anyway, as this bod and that stuff don't get on so well together. I do ignore this once in a while (especially when visiting elsewhere), but there's always a price to pay.

I had organic wholemeal SR flour, plain yoghurt and water for the base; made standard chapatti, but slightly enriched with some of the curd. (One cup flour makes one, thick, 8" chapatti... Don't panic. Think shortcrust without the butter or lard. Knead it well.) Left that to stand under a damp cloth whilst I boiled up the potatoes I had (three smallish ones). Once they were cooled and peeled, I sliced them (not too thin).

For the 'pasatta', I used a goodly tablespoon of tomato paste, blended with half a teaspoon of vegetable stock powder, some black pepper, some fresh coriander leaves and about an equal or slightly greater amount of water. Half of this went to one base then the potatoes arranged decoratively around on top of that. Then each potato got spread with a small dollop of Philadelphia cream cheese and a small grating of red chedder and drizzled with olive oil.  This was the first one into the very hot oven. 15 mins in the one at dad's but I think his doesn't work to full capacity - I would have expected more like 10-12 mins.

Meanwhile, for the second one, spread the rest of the pasatta and then freshly sliced organic vine tomatoes and slices of vegetarian sausage, then a little of the red cheddar also.

When the first pizza came out, that one went in. We ate the first with crudite of snow peas (mange tout) and orange capsicum (bell pepper).

That was one quarter of each that we got. It was just right for lunch, though there were noises of wondering if there was more!!!

Of course, it was all so immediate, that no photographs got taken. However, the good ol' file in sky has come up trumps.... a potato pizza on chapatti base no less!!! (There I was thinking I was being original.) This one does not appear to have pasatta though. Think that might be a bechamel base instead - which could work.

Of course, there is nothing which resembles my second pizza... but if you close your eyes and squint, this might come close...


  1. Good work on the scratch lunch. But I'm thinking the 'potato on a chapatti base' is stretching the definition of pizza just a wee bit...

    1. Hari OM
      Honestly, don't knock it till tried! ACtually, the very first tattie pizza I ever ate was at an Italian mate's house in Sydney. Yes trad base, but potatoes and bocconcini were the main toppings (some sauted shallots and chives added piquancy)... With lots of yummy leafy salad on the side. ..... slurp....Yxx

  2. BOL I would have had to pass on the potato pizza and asked you to please pass me the invisible sandwiches.

    Aroo to you,

  3. Hmmmmm....I may have to try the potato chapatti, it sounds like a nice lunch for a chilly fall day!

  4. The potato dish looks REALLY yummy!

  5. That looks good to us and mom agrees!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. I like the idea to spice it up with Philadelphia... the next pizza gets a philly-hat :o)
    btw: what kind of vegetarian sausage have you used? we only have one kind here and the taste is awful, Morris the cat still hates me for offering a piece... is it possible to make such a sausage at home or it it better to look for a good online store to buy it?

    1. Hari OM
      Oh that is an EXCELLENT question mon ami!!! I think I have mentioned before, that when purchasing vegetarian, even then one has to be careful. As far as 'sausages' go, I would only ever use LINDA MCCARTNEY products. I have mentioned them before, and think that you remarked they were not available to you. It is entirely possible to make your own.... future post!!! Yxx

  7. I find it so hard doing hubby's meals: no yeast, dairy, eggs. I could do the chappatti base, I think. Thanks for the idea!!! xx

  8. that does sound like an interesting combination


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